Friday, March 27, 2009

Czech out this tool, the Czech Prime Minister...

EU Ministers at the G20 where already shocked by the Brazilian Prez, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva laying it down (and inside British PM Brown's ass) : "This crisis was caused by the irrational behaviour of white people with blue eyes, who before the crisis appeared to know everything and now demonstrate that they know nothing." G'head Luiz.
Now czech this out: the Czech PM, Mirek Topolanek, decided to hold it down for all white folks...and likely GOP tools here who feel The White House is the 21st century equivalent of the Reconstruction black/mulatto governments savaged in D.W. Griffith's Birth of A Nation (aka "The Clansman"...and on U.S. talk radio hehehe). Stealing from AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," he (click) pontificated that Obama's stimulus and requests for similiar action from the EU would lead to a similar stroll though the Ninth Gate.
Trouble is, Mirek--in similar US GOP fashion--was just (click) ousted as Prime Minister after a no confidence vote, and even Gordon Brown tried to downplay the statement. Ha! What was once Czechoslovakia and the rest of Eastern Europe's economy is afloat only because it's the organized crime/mail order bride/white slavery and filthy amateur porn capital of the world. All this whilst da Silva's more popular than ever. Sound familiar?


Lisa said...

This is why I read this blog! Obscure references to that very type of bullshit in Birth of a Nation! Very good, Mr. Chambers!!

Miss Magaret Whitehead said...

I just came upon 'Nat Turner's Revenge'. This is difficult read for little white dead devils. So far, I think I have determined that you do not like Limbaugh. Are you friends with Dr. Williams?

classical one said...

LOL That's a big laugh for a guy who is the head of a country with one largest gaps in economic inequality in the world. By comparison blue eyed devil countries Gemany, Sweden, and Finland all had the lowest economic inequality in the world.

Man-Morrissey said...

We're sitting here watching "Hostel" post-Sweet 16 games and you're right--those pieces of shit went from Communism to this form of gangster capitalism in one generation. Are they better off? Disregard for human life is disregard for human life and women, whether it's for ideology or for cash, eh?

Classical One:
So? Too bad this da Silva is right. Apples and oranges. Don't flip the script, ass. We wouldn't want Field Negro to chase your monkey self ass over here. LOL

Anonymous said...

Co-sign with Lisa!!

Greetings from Port Hueneme, Cali. First time reader, interesting read on a boring night in the USCG.

lincolnperry said...

I must say Mr Chambers, it appears that you will be getting that bottle of Kentucky Finest any day now, great analysis with the DW Griffin reference!

Christopher Chambers said...


Um...ahhh...there are about a zillion articles, websites, pdfs of studies showing um...ahhh...TERRIBLE DISPARITIES IN OUR OWN COUNTRY! Even vis. white people in red states.
Now the ironic thing is in the narrow question of the meltdown and Prez Da Silva's statement, that isn't relevant... commenter "M" is right--don't flip it. Interestingly it was people like the FORMER Czech PM and so many gutless douchebags here were petty freewheeling with blame. Now they are corking it, as they sound not only disingenuous, but stupid. Da Silva was merely punctuated it for them.

@M-Morr.: Hostel? OKaaaaay. But the term is more "robber baron" capitalism, rather than "gangster" capitalism. The later is what's practiced in Russia. The former is Prague and Budapest. But i understand exactly what you mean. lol

classical one said...

Were the people in wall street who started this white? Yes.. Were the people who started capitalism white? yes.. Socialism.. yes.. Communism.. yes. In fact modern economic theory comes from European whites and the terms economics is Greek (οἰκονομία) so all the good and bad aspects of modern economics come from whites. In other words, da silva's comments don't amount to much.

I think what was going in Wall Street is as criminal as anyone else does; however, if you reduce to it race, what do you accomplish? Da Silva's country has the fourth largest amount of income inequality in the whole world! I guess those brown hair, brown eyed people don't care about their own.

Anonymous said...

Lord, Classical Dickhead--the Rethuglicans and their economic "braintrust" on Fox Business News like Cavuto tried to tie this to minorities, the Community Reinvestment Act etc. etc. from jump. So yes they started this blame game and had to retreat.

Ochyming said...

Actually Lula ONLY referenced the shenanigans!
Who did THOSE shenanigans?

It was the Nigerians!

Robert M said...

I apologize for jacking your post but this is a call to arms.
I am posting this to every AA website and newspaper I can find. I appreciate any help w/ local newspapers.
In Saturday’s London Times the following picture of First Lady Michelle Obama:
I found it insulting to the country, the President and the First Lady. I wrote to the London Times and the Charge d’Affairs Richard LeBaron in London protesting the photo, demanded its removal, the posting of a suitable one and an apology. I expect nothing from the Times given it is owned by Rupert Murdoch whom has already shown his ass to the President. I do expect an action from the Charge d’Affairs.
I would ask that everyone email the embassy, the White House, the Secretary of State’s office and anyone else you think should know demanding action. Here is my letter to them: To Charge d'Affairs Richard LeBaron:

The Times of London has published a picture of First Lady Michelle Obama that is so insulting to the American People, the President and above all the First Lady that is so insulting that if you were a gentleman you would have no choice but to challenge both the editor and the owner to a duel to the death. Here is a copy of the most offensive picture:

Since it is too much to expect a meager man such as yourself to uphold the First Lady and the country in this manner a simple beat down will do. the purpose of this beat down is to gain an apology for the people of the USA, the President and the dearly beloved First Lady, Michelle Obama and the publication of a more suitable picture.

On that same note in the cause of improving FrancoAmerican relations you might find the time to have them post a more suitable picture of Madame Sarkosy. The one published gives her the appearance of Prime Minister Sarkosy’s slattern as opposed to his wife.

I would appreciate a prompt action of your part.

Thank you

The email address is

lincolnperry said...

@Robert M
I dont see your point, is it because the first lady is shoveling dirt in the First Garden?
And the other dignitaries are posing? Worse things have been said about our first lady!

We can't blame this one on your countrymen this time, I heard that there was a unofficial blacklist of Nigerians on Wallstreet.

craig said...

Actually he's right in a way: they have glam photos of Carla Bruni--"Sarko's" wife at the G20--yet Michelle's got to be digging in the dirt. And Carla's basically a rock n roll ho (even her friends think so hahaha), not an attorney, role model etc. Oh well, the Asian dignataries look like bug eyed buck toothed tourists, so they shoud be angey as well.

I think Murdoch's still smarting over NY Post.

classical one said...

Lord, Classical Dickhead--the Rethuglicans and their economic "braintrust" on Fox Business News like Cavuto tried to tie this to minorities, the Community Reinvestment Act etc. etc. from jump. So yes they started this blame game and had to retreat.

Do those folks represent whites with blue eyes? Does Lovelle Mixon and his ilk represent all blacks? Da Silva is a fool because he obviously doesn't give a shit about the INCREDIBLE inequality in his own country. So what differentiates him from the crooks on Wall Street, aside from his obvious lack of power in comparison to them?


Pick up a thesaurus and learn some vocabulary; your vulgarity doesn't make your argument anymore convincing.

Knute Rife said...

@ classical one

Alright, I'll give it a shot. I'm even white and blue-eyed.

1. How was this mess created? Fraud. A number of "opportunistic sorts" manipulated effectively unregulated markets and instruments (derivatives, especially realty-related; CBSes; hedge funds), lax enforcement of existing regulations (commodities, forex, private equity, lending practices), and a Fed policy of loose credit to raise barrels of money to be loaned on high yield, low risk instruments (yeah right). It turns out these instruments were not quite as represented.

2. Who is being blamed? The poor in general and minority poor in particular. Listen to the shrieking heads on AM radio and Fox News. It's all because of the Community Reinvestment Act and "welfare cases" getting "subprime loans". Quatsch. A) This isn't a subprime crisis, as we shall learn in spades over the next year or two as a tsunami of "prime" loans resets from teaser rates, and B) the fault lies with the folks who were creating loan docs out of whole cloth, closing the deals, pocketing the commissions, and lying to their money sources about the quality of the loans.

3. Were these "opportunistic sorts" and their enablers (regulators, bankers, central bankers, assorted policy makers and "professionals") overwhelmingly white? Yep.

4. Did da Silva have a point? Yep. His blue-eyed remark meant that he (and a lot of similarly situated people) view this as an Anglo-created problem, not a Latino-created problem, and that after decades of the World Bank and IMF forcing developing nations to hock their resources and sell their citizens into chattel slavery to the West when they were economically sideways, the West had better be prepared to bring some serious skin to the game.

tchaka owen said...

Obrigado Lula, obrigado.