Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oakland Police Shooting: No Payback for Oscar Grant

Yes, we have n**gers, not black people or African Americans, but n**gers who somehow consider the murder of four cops by parolee Lovelle Mixon, age 27, after a routine traffic stop, as payback for the killing of Oscar grant by a BART (transit) officer around January 1, 2009. At the scene of death, gore, local Oak-town folk were on hand to taunt the cops and paramedics. Wonderful. The statements by officials are telling, folks. Very leftwing ex-Congressman and current Mayor Ron Dellums said, "We feel a tremendous sense of loss." Very leftwing ex-Cali Guv. and ex-Oakland mayor Jerry Brown, now Cali AG said, of the perp, "...he's a state ward, he's a state parolee, they let him out. There are hundreds of shooters walking around the East Bay. Our parole system isn't working.''

Here's the awful truth: redneck cops, Ted Nugent & Rush Limbaugh, Quisling morons like Mike Steele et al will use this tragedy as cover for justifying shooting down other Oscar Grants, or maiming innocent teens, young men...hell old places like toney Bellaire, Texas (where my cousins live well by staying out of whitefolks' way) and any number of places. And on other side are niggers (yeah, niggers) who want to claim this as payback. Who will flood the streets with protesters when cops shoot a teen, yet have nothing to say but blame someone else when these teens are murdering each other and destroying their own communities. The penultimate question--how do we throw out our own trash, without sacrificing or emperiling us all?


James H. Robinson said...

Hey Chris,

I live up the street, less than 2 miles from the shootings. Oddly enough, I was home yesterday when it happened and didn't know about until several hours later.

Anyway, I think it is hypocritical of black folks to riot in the streets and damage property (fortunately, no one was hurt in the riot) because a BART cop (not an Oakland police officer, Oakland has no jurisdiction over BART just like DC has no direct jurisdiction over Metro) shot a young man. But when black men kill each other every day, or this human garbage shoots 4 cops and kills 3 (the other is still on life support last time I checked), we do nothing. Our "mayor" Ron Dellums has almost nothing to say. I am appalled.

If anything good can come from this scenario (and it is difficult to find good in tragedy) maybe the Oakland Police Department will received more support from the people and more resources from federal, state and local government.

As a side note, number of Oakland homicides now is roughly half what it was last year at this time. Overall crime is down nearly a quarter. Where is the news coverage of that?

Lisa said...

Co-sign on James H. Robinson's comments.
I like your prophetic comment about the balance between taking out the trash and not allowing crackers to kill us all!!

We need to be just as vigilant in cleaning up our own communities even if that means many of our own families have to go under the jail. Trust.

James H. Robinson said...

I am amazed sometimes when people act like gentrification is a bad thing. However, what the black community needs is indeed a type of gentrification -- the return of the black middle class. That's why I opted to buy a townhouse in East Oakland. The transfer taxes that I had to pay when I closed escrow went directly to the City of Oakland's coffers and the real estate tax I pay go mostly to Alameda County. I believe putting one's money where his mouth is can be a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I feel bad about these men, especially their families, but when you inject such hatred and oppression into a community, it should be no surprise that the community would hate them. Sorry but that is reality too.

nabilaJ said...

Good post Nat Turner. You and The Field Negro really put it in perspective. We are members of two amjor advocacy groups regarding police shootings and polic brutality/neighborhood review, but anyone who calls these bloody murders "karma" for such police misconduct is fundamentally flawed.

Anonymous said...

I guess all Black Men with criminal records are trash, which is most of us. Let's prejudge the brother just because he shot 4 cops. Nobody has looked into the 4 cops for complaints, arrests, etc. Just because they were cops doesn't make them saints (angels maybe). Maybe the shooter was just tired of being harrassed his whole life. It sounds like Black Folks are worried about what the WHITE FOLKS think. They might not think we are good Negroes. The Black Panthers started in Oakland for a reason!

Georgetown University Journalism said...

Chauncey Bailey affair truly measured the schism between normal--and motivated-- black people and leaders, and a fringe minority of Nation of Islam/neo Panther lunatics who are likely cheering these murders.

Anonymous said...

After the shooting of two police officers, Lovelle Mixon was sentenced to death by the Oakland Police Dept. They made no attempts to negotiate and charged into the building with revenge on their minds, resulting in two additional deaths. Now, only one side of the story will ever be told. RIP Lovelle

Anonymous said...

Every time something like this happens in the wake of a well publicized case of police brutality, someone comes running out to talk about the hypocrisy of the black community. Nonsense. There is no quid pro quo here. Speaking up about police brutality, or racial injustice, does not require collective self flagellation any and every time a person of color commits a crime.

Anonymous said...

Where I come from we call folks like the author of this rubbish Vendidos(sell-outs), I guess black folks use the term Uncle Tom. One thing that I've learned is that Liberals of color that harbor middle class aspirations will inevitably side with the police and the systemic social inequality and marginalization that they uphold against the majority through the enforcement of legalized state violence. As the saying goes "when you push people around, some people push back."

TE Norco CA

carl said...

Notice everyone who justifies, rationalizes or outward cheers these murders is "Anonymous?" LOL

Pebbles Flintstone said...

Co-sign, Carl@4:54pm!

Christopher Chambers said...

TE Norco CA: are you that stupid?

RiPPa said...

Wait a minute?!! This guy is seen as a hero by some?? Are you kidding me?

Ok, so him killing four cops is supposed to be payback for the murder of Oscar Grant, how?

Do people really think that this guy had Oscar Grant on his mind when he decided to do what he did to those officers?

The hell if he did. His ass knew there was a warrant for his arrest because he skipped out on his meeting with his parole officer. At most he was going to go back to prison (for a third fuckin time) for six moths for the violation.

But now he's dead, as well as four police officers who were doing their fuckin job. To insinuate that the author of this blog is a sellout is ridiculous and beyond comprehension.

I just love when fools spew the bullshit they do without knowing any facts of the incident. The bigger question in addition to what was presented by the author of this blog should be how in the hell does a person on parole obtain a semi-automatic handgun and an AK-47 like this guy did.

You can't fix three problems at the same time, and as a result its best to isolate each problem. To me, finding out how he was able to get GUNS is a good weay to start. Often what we see as a "problem" is in fact the result of another one. That said, Mixon was indeed a problem.

allheavens said...

I guess all Black Men with criminal records are trash, which is most of us. Let's prejudge the brother just because he shot 4 cops.Just because they were cops doesn't make them saints (angels maybe). Maybe the shooter was just tired of being harrassed his whole life.

Really? I mean really?
I grew up Black in Texas in the 50s and 60s which meant I was harassed pretty much everyday of my life by white people. But does that give me the right or justification to murder four police officers?

And no, all Black men with criminal records are not trash but criminals who kill police officers due to their own criminality are trash. Hell ANYONE who takes a fellow beings life for avarice, their own stupidity or pure malice gives up any right to quibble about how they are portrayed in the media.

After the shooting of two police officers, Lovelle Mixon was sentenced to death by the Oakland Police Dept. They made no attempts to negotiate and charged into the building with revenge on their minds, resulting in two additional deaths.

Two officers dead, I think the negotiation route would have been pretty much moot. If someone walks into you house kills two of your relatives, would you try to negotiate or would try to put a cap in his ass?

There is no quid pro quo here. Speaking up about police brutality, or racial injustice, does not require collective self flagellation any and every time a person of color commits a crime.

Sorry, I haven't engaged in any self flagellation since I left the Catholic church. You say no quid pro quo but by making the above statement aren't you advocating just that?

And yeah, Chris TE Norco CA is that stupid.

I don't give a shit about what white folk think. But I do give a shit about Black folk killing Black folk over turf, drugs and general douchebaggery. About our young Black men wasting away in prisons or graves all over this country. The transit cop killing Oscar Grant does not give Lovelle Mixon a pass nor does Lovelle Mixon killing the police officers give ANY cops ANY where a pass. But this insanity has to stop, but the question is how and what are we (meaning Black, White, Latino etc.) willing to give up to do so?

Anonymous said...

Can you explain how I am advocating quid pro quo? I take issue with the notion that those who protested the Grant shooting are hypocritical because they are not speaking up in the aftermath of this incident. The subtext here is that crimes committed by people of color, if they are not loudly condemned by the black community, somehow delegitimate efforts to combat police brutality and racial injustice. This is the sentiment I disagree with.

Anonymous said...

I love it. A piece of garbage criminal shoots 4 officers and some morons applaud it cause the guy happened to share the same pigment of skin.

Part of me wishes the police would leave the poor black communities alone and let them kill themselves off. Social Darwinism at its best. But then I realize that makes me a moron just like them. Since people are people, skin color doesn't mean a thing, except to the morons like many posting here who decide to make it matter.

Wrong is wrong, and I feel bad this guy died. I wish society could have made him pay, I mean real payment, before making him leave this world. Maybe if we thought of real punishment for the scum of this earth these criminals wouldn't be out harassing and killing.

Anonymous said...

Should have killed every single one of these animals back in the day when we, white people, had complete control over these pieces of shit. This is what happens when you treat animals like human beings as if they deserved it. The most powerful man in the world is black. But these idiots will bitch about everything no matter what. Like the only black man I like (aka Dave Chapelle) said: ''niggers with big flat noses breathing all the white man's air and good for nothing.''

Arthur said...

Calling people people niggers, you should be ashamed of yourself for using such a disgusting word. Has white supremacist hegemony made that much of an impact on your brain?

Instead of blaming the criminal you blame the victim. The criminal is the police who protect a historically violent, oppressive, and racist state. The victim is the black community. Black men are disproportionately arrested and thrown into prison. Black men are disproportionately brutalized and publicly executed by the police around the country. Oscar Grant was publicly executed and not a damn thing was going to be done about it by the Oakland DA had there been no riots. Why in the world would you want more resources to go to the OPD!? So they can have a greater selection of weapons to use against the poor and black communities? WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON!? SOLIDARITY.

Christopher Chambers said...

No Arthur. They are niggers, not black people, not African Americans. I use the wholly appropriate Chris Rock lexicon. lol. And only a nigger would defend them, and even present the appearance of excusing what this clown Mixon did--a career criminal, not some decent man who simply snapped under the pressure of trying to do right, to live right, despite poverty blah blah.
And when black men are slaughtered overwhelmingly by other black men, yes you better damn protest. You better scream bloody murder for them, and for the boys growing to teens growing to men with warped sensibilities and expectations. Don't get it twisted. Engineering a new paradigm of opportunity, hope, constructive attitudes and justice doesn't mean tolerating the dysfunctional and warped...and what's going on in places like Oakland, or Baltimore or Philly or Chicago isn't normal. Worse, it isn't caused by this mythical war waged by rogue cops and Mr. Charlie. They're just the bacteria.The wounds they infect are inflicted by ourselves. This 2009, not the BLACK Attorney and BLACK President will remind you.

Anonymous said...

So I guess the Whites have have effectively divided us, just like the Native Americans, the Xhosa and the Zulu. They even have Black people believing there are Niggers and "good hard working blacks". As Malcolm said, "what do you call a black man with a Phd? "Nigger" Until you realize we are all still in the same slave ship, regardless of class, we will never move forward.
As far as anyone knows, Lovelle Mixon had never killed anyone before this day. Neither had Oscar Grant. Both were being harassed by officers. Oscar Grant thought he had nothing to fear, being a good black and all. He was wrong. Lovelle Mixon knew he was facing major time for a minor offense, what with three strikes designed to keep a nigger in jail. He decided enough was enough and refused to enter the system. As Chris Rock also said, "I'm not saying he should have done it, but I understand!"

Anonymous said...

Interesting: comedy routines by Chris Rock being used by folks arguing both sides of this issue. In one case, his (unfortunate, to me) idea that some of us deserve to be called "nigger" and in another case his (also unfortunate) apology for murder and domestic violence.

Anonymous said...

I love it, the facts as we have them are as follows: A black male with a HISTORY of violence (I"m sure you morons think the cops set him up and he never possessed a gun back then, ROFL) this black male shoots and kills 4 human beings whom the black male knew nothing about OTHER than that this black male had violated the law and it was these officer's job to bring him in.

So a black man can wave a gun around, shoot a bunch of cops doing their job (at least ALLEGE these SPECIFIC individuals of corruption before shooting them) and be praised cause he shares the same skin color.

How stupid do you have to be? You complain about Oscar Grant being killed, but guess what, the nation was outraged. The majority of white people didn't say "well most dirty poor blacks are criminals so it is irrelevant if that specific individual deserved to die or not, most black males are criminals and if they don't want to die they need to start cleaning up their community more."

NO, people didn't say that. And had they I"m sure niggers would have been furious.

Yet I have niggers on here saying that since a couple of cops are bad (by far the minority) that the niggers can shoot at will.

Oh hypocrites. How about this. Corrupt cops get sentenced and corrupt niggers get sentenced. If corrupt cops don't wanna get arrested they die in a fire fight. If corrupt niggers don't wanna get arrested they die in a fire fight. And no one complains.

Seriously, niggers, stop blaming others and take some god damn responsibility for your pathetic, criminal lives. The cops didn't shove a gun in this niggers hand all those years ago and make him commit his original crime.

Wake the fck up.

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 8:34

If you wanna be in a boat with that guy, be my guest!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a rapist.

Well, time to sit back and watch the retarded blacks on here cheer him on, just another victim of the police who were wrongly standing in his way of raping 12 year old girls. When will the cops stop harassing these black gun wielding rapists?

Keep cheering him on, nigs.

Anonymous said...

Since when did BLACK people start calling each other "TRASH"? I thought that was a term used by WHITE AMERICA to describe BLACK AMERICA as a whole, and some of you feel justified in using that word! and BLACK MEN at that! you call MOXIE "TRASH" I refuse too! he was another BLACK MAN that lived a criminal lifestyle! point blank! and is that new? you BLACK MEN scream and holler as if what he did is something NEW!

WHO do you men think you are? have you been looking at TV lately? it's open season on BLACK MEN! and your STATUS matter's not, so when you get to calling other black men "TRASH" don't forget, you are considered "TRASH" in the eye's of the RACIST WHITE MAN! and that include's the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATE'S! no, their was no excuse for what MOXIE did, but, this stuff started way be MOXIE was born! this country was build on KILLING!

Christopher Chambers said...

Latest on Mixon--about to be arrested for raping a child. Not a great hero for our community. Maybe in Oakland, but not out east...

Robert said...

Message to Certain Blacks in Oakland: I’m Tired of Your Lame Excuses

By Robert Oliver

Yes, that’s right. You love your blackness more than you love common sense, sometimes even more than your own people. Must I sue for divorce from the Black community on the grounds of mental cruelty?

I’m black. I grew up in Chicago, the most segregated city in the North. I’m from “da hood” too. There was a time I experienced racism every day for 4 years there. So I know what racism is about.

But yet, you scream, yell and protest because of a CRIMINAL who murdered four cops. They did not shoot him first. He shot them first. Is that an act of Black bravery, qualifying for the El Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) Peace Prize? Is a hero now? (Remember Malcolm had to protect his family, not from white folks, not from cops, but from his own people who eventually killed him.)

You all claim you are like Palestinians in Gaza, in an “occupied territory” as if you are shut in a “prison” with nowhere to go. You are the occupiers. Who took you from Africa and put you in Oakland? Who is keeping you in slavery there? If you don’t like the “oppression,” you should do what you can to leave if you were serious. You are in a prison with unlocked jail cells. You are free to go anywhere, even to Africa, the Motherland, if you wanted to. I don’t hear about oppression in San Francisco. I don’t even hear about oppression in Los Angeles. Even blacks in Chicago don’t scream about oppression as you are doing as bad as things are there.

The whole world watches, and I’m tired of your lame excuses.

Your guy Mixon shot the cops, not even in self-defense. He pulled the trigger first, killing those four cops doing their jobs, and that makes him a Black hero, right? They did not shoot him until he had to be killed because he was killing others. This is what the Los Angeles Times says:

“In October 2007, Lovelle Mixon was released on parole after serving five years of a six-year sentence for assault with a firearm. Within months the 26-year-old Oakland resident was in trouble again, authorities said.

“In February, Mixon was placed on a parole hold as a possible suspect in a homicide in Alameda County, according to Scott Kernan, undersecretary of operations for the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Prosecutors declined to file charges in that case, saying there was not sufficient evidence, but Mixon was detained on various parole violations and sent back to prison for nine months, Kernan said.
“Here is a look at Mixon's interactions with the parole department since his Nov. 1 release from the California Correctional Center in Susanville, as reported by the department :

“Nov. 3: Mixon reports to his parole agent for an initial interview and undergoes his first mandatory drug test.

“Nov. 5: Mixon reports to Parole and Community Team, a state program that offers a broad range of services to parolees. The agency provides job placement, drug treatment and other services. During the visit, he met with his parole agent and again was tested for drugs.
“Nov. 7: Mixon's parole agent makes an initial residential visit, meeting with Mixon at his mother's home in Oakland. The agent also met with relatives of Mixon to evaluate his living conditions and who he was interacting with while on parole. During the visit, Mixon is referred by the agent to America Work, an employment service.

“Dec. 17: Mixon's parole agent makes a residential visit, also meeting with one of Mixon's cousins as part of their continuing effort to assess his family situation.

“Dec. 19: Mixon reports to the parole office and takes a drug test.

“Jan. 6: Mixon reports to the parole office and takes a drug test.

“Jan. 23: Mixon's parole agent makes a residential visit and refers Mixon to another employment service, Project Choice Employment.

“Feb. 6: Mixon reports to the parole office and takes a drug test.

“Feb. 18: Mixon's parole agent makes a residential visit but cannot locate him.

“Feb. 24: Mixon's parole agent makes another residential visit but Mixon cannot be located. The agent talks with his mother.

“Feb. 26: After another residential visit, the agent still cannot locate Mixon.

“Feb. 27: The parole agent prepares a parolee-at-large report and a warrant is issued for Mixon's arrest. The state Board of Parole Hearings suspends Mixon's parole effective Feb. 19, the day after his parole officer first failed to find him. The case is referred to the corrections department's Fugitive Apprehension Team.

“March 6: The Fugitive Apprehension Team and members of the Oakland Police Department visit three Oakland addresses, including Mixon's mother's home, his address of record. The following week, they distribute a bulletin to the Oakland Police Department. The case is also referred to the U.S. Marshals Service to check on reports that Mixon might have been in the Auburn, Wash., area. They are unable to locate him.

“March 21: Mixon is pulled over by Oakland motorcycle officers for a traffic violation shortly after 1 p.m. Authorities said he began shooting at the officers, killing Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, and fatally wounding Officer John Hege, 41. After trying to hide in a nearby apartment building where his sister lives, Mixon kills Oakland SWAT sergeants Ervin Romans, 43, and Daniel Sakai, 35, before he is shot and killed by police.”

I’m really disgusted at your lame excuses. I’m tired of your “wolf cookies.”

I could understand anger if he was shot by a cop for no reason. I could understand if he was not threatening anyone. But this man was a convicted felon on parole (assault with a handgun). He shot the cops first. Get a clue, please. Why do you all want to celebrate a criminal? I remember the good old days when we would celebrate people like Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Adam Clayton Powell and Martin Luther King, Jr. But we black people have evolved. We are more enlightened now. We have to celebrate our criminal element too, especially our cop-killas. Al Sharpton and the NAACP did that last year for black thugs who tortured, sexually assaulted, and robbed a BLACK woman in Florida. They had no pity for the victim, just for the thugs who tortured her. Are you giving the whole world the impression that blacks seem to care more about criminals than law-abiding people. This is my “I’m-embarrassed-to-be-Black” moment. I understand there a "Stop Snitching" campaign in Oakland? Why? Is it a black thing and I don’t understand? When blacks do crap to other blacks, don't tell the police, right? We have to protect our beloved criminals, right. It is the law-abiding black citizens, especially senior citizens, who live in terror of the black criminals who should go to hell right? It is your own black neighbors who live in oppression because of black thugs, not because of cops.

Why is it we do in each other in when we celebrate our own criminals?

This is what a friend wrote:

“Hi, Robert. This makes me sick to my stomach. I seriously need to plan to move from these United States of America. Some blacks are idiots, and they make me ashamed of my race with this madness. I feel for all the families involved. But he shot the cops first so they were just protecting themselves from this dangerous criminal. What is wrong with black people? He was a criminal not an advocate of any community. Black people wake up please before it’s too late.”

The black editor of the Oakland Tribune Chauncey Bailey was shot dead by a Black Muslim in 2007 in broad daylight. How many of these blacks of you marched and protested that? Were you all demanding justice? Were you all outraged when one of your own gunned down one of your own? Those who knew Bailey were outraged. I did not see outrage from you. I understand “Stop Snitching” was going on there in Oakland about that murder. Again, it is your own black neighbors who live in oppression because of black thugs, not because of cops. Or did you decide it was not really a tragedy since a white man or a cop did not shoot Bailey?

He was down for your community. Were you down for him? Bailey was a strong advocate for the black community, even for those same people who are celebrating Mixon. Yet the outrage in the black community in Oakland was very little. Mixon was not an advocate for the black community at all, a convicted criminal and murderer, and people march and protest and this criminal gets celebrated. He is a role model for all young Black children in Oakland right?

Rev. Walter Hoye, a black minister in Oakland went to jail because he was telling women, including black women, that there was an alternative to abortion. Were any of you outraged over the brother being a “victim” of the white racist justice system? How many of you were protesting with signs ‘FREE REV. HOYE!”?

Is not something wrong with that picture? Keep your lame excuses because they won’t fly, even out of Oakland International Airport.

Robert Oliver is a writer and photographer. He can be reached at

Jessica said...

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