Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Black Folks. What would Jesus Do?

You all know I believe in the thing that scares the right wings clowns more than Bill Clinton as First Hubby: the Fairness Doctrine. So in keeping with my statement in my Sunday post(below) about Jews and Israel and Darfur, here it goes. Draw you own conclusions from the musings of these bama negroes, particularly the babble of the SCLC head. Yeah, I called them bamas. So? Oh how that mighty SCLC, like so many of our other august organizations, has fallen. Pick your battles. Defending this creep isn't one of them:

Rose organized the pro-Vick demonstration. He, like many black Vick fans, still stand behind the Falcons superstar, despite expectations that he’ll be going to prison.
Rose said Monday that Vick now has to regain the public’s trust.
"What he needs to do when he comes out is to call a press conference and explain where a young man making 130 million dollars would get caught up in something like that,” Rose said.
Fans at Playmakers Barber Shop in Midtown said they still support Vick, because they feel he is innocent, and that he is a victim of a racist judicial system.
"It's bad. I don't condone it at all, but the punishment is too severe, (they’re ruining) a man's career," said barber Dontrell Mapp.
Black civil rights leaders said Vick should be given one more chance.
"This is what we look for, for people to take a stand for what is right and admit they made a mistake," said Charles Steele, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
Vick supporters will rally again Monday night, before the Atlanta Falcons’ preseason game with the Cincinnati Bengals


Anonymous said...

You don't leave much room for debate on this one, do you? :-) There have been a lot of articles and columns spawned on how black athletes need to leave the "hood" and thug lifestyles and old friends behind, no matter how noble the intent. Your view? The most enlightened one I saw was on MSNBC.com (more enlightened because it was not some middle aged white male preaching). It said that owners and coaches and even suburban fans indeed encouraged this "image" as a marketing device and now it has backfired. Nevertheless lives have been ruined or lost.

Snowman said...

The "know your friends" lesson is not one well-taught to these young men. Would any of them listen anyway?

Conspiracy theories are often a coping mechanism for denial or ugly truths, by the way.

nabila J said...

The problem remains that there is nothing other than commons sense and listening to various points of view to ensure that our organizations and leaders pick the "right battles."

Anonymous said...

I will be there at the rally handing out free Michael Vick Doggie Chew toys to take home to the pet pooch.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

sigh. I think there are more important things for "our leadership" to worry about. How about all the poor people who are truly victims of the system? They aren't famous so who is looking out for them?

Anonymous said...

Watch it with the "bama" references. Those "bamas" started the Civil Rights Movement.

lance williams. sr said...

Wrong anonymous. It was northern folk like Bayard Rustin who came down to school MLK. And I don't think Malcolm was from the south. The leadership sure enough is bamma now.

Mr. Chambers, that was your only lifeline. After that you're on your own.

Liz said...

I think folks who think the punishment is too severe are thinking about how Laura Bush killed someone, a person, not a dog, and did zero time.

That said, I agree he's a creep and needs to go to jail.

Anonymous said...

lance, you are about to get your a** kicked. CC by bama I guess you mean rural, Southern black who doesn't have the, huh, elan of northern blacks. Fannie Lou Hamer was a bama, Evers was a bama, King was a bama, the 4 little girls in Birmingham were bamas. Benjamin Mayes-bama, Rob Williams-bama. A. Philip Randolph-another bama.

Perhaps if we had more bamas like the ones listed above we wouldn't have the issues we have today.

Anonymous said...

When it was written that man should have dominion over all things on earth, the understanding was for us to act as a caretaker of the prize, not destroy it, mismanage it. You should treat animals with the same respect as you would another human being, Karma not withstanding. This is more and more of indicative of blaming race for everything that goes wrong in America. When are we going to evolve again, this version is too stuck in the past to compete in the future.

dah Dirrrrty South said...

Whut do "elan" mean? Is dem gold fronts lak I git in College Pawk fom the da Ko-rean den-tis?