Saturday, August 04, 2007

Go Barry!!!

Between you and me, to hell with Bud Selig, the owners, the Bob Costas and the sanctimonious white boys who bitch and moan. Selig and the owners got a decade of big cash money after the strike. The fans got the most exciting baseball ever. Bob Costas and the other wimp sportswriters said & did nothing yet made their names writing or doing color commentary about this heady era. They should all THANK Bonds and steroids...

So g'won Barry. Swing swing swing away...and it's outta the park, bee-ches!


IndispensibleDesitiny said...

Don't forget, A-Rod hit his five hundredth. He's 32, in 10 years, he may be scraping againt 800.

I doubt he'll be a Yankee then. He doesn't have anything to bind him to the team. Jeter, will retire a Yankee. He wears the only single digit jersey that has not been retired. Number 2 will get him to Cooperstown and a banner in left field.

Too bad about A-Rod. The media never writes about the R&L boys the way they wrote about M&M.

I met Jeter on the street near Time Square. I liked the Yankee hat his female companion was wearing. He was nice enough to tell me which store nearby he bought it at. Class act all around. I suppose he was relieved that I wanted a shopping tip and not an autograph.

IndispensibleDestiny said...

R&J boys, sheesh.

Liz said...

Bonds must have read your post because he sure as heck swung away!

Anonymous said...

He's jerk, but so was Babe Ruth. I agree--if you are going to whine about "cheating" than cancel MLB and look in the mirror at who's to blame.

militantgg said...

A bigtime Congratulations to Brother Barry Bonds on number 755.

Homeboy is simply the greatest. I love the old school black players and I wish they had the training facilities, personal trainers, dietitians, dietary supplements, and weight lifting that these players have access to today. Their numbers would be almost as scary as brother Bonds.

Everybody is doing something...if not tell me why the players today look twice the size of players from the past. In fact compared to the players today...players from the past look like they just left Hitlers concetration camps.

Tell me why Roger Clemens isn't under scrutny for improving as HE GETS OLDER? Is it because he's a WHITE MAN?

Why isn't Nefi Perez thrown under the bus for testing positive for steroids THREE times?

Bonds hasn't tested positive for anything but some amphetamines and that is as wide spread in baseball.

militantgg said...

Brother Barry Bonds is showing exactly what he is made of by continuing to take the field everyday under the scrutiny of the racist white media. As far as those so called baseball fans who boo him every chance they get...they don't know jack. They wasn't present to see Bonds take steroids or anything else.

Another reason why he is hated is because he is not one of those bow down, smile for the camera coon negros. And that pisses off those faggot white reporters, and their jigaboo friends. who weren't good enough to play major league baseball, so they have the opportunity to get back at Bonds because he probably told them to get the fuck out of his face a few times.

I listen to the vile comments spat about Bonds daily by white, yes white radio and tv commentators, and it's sickening. You can hear the jealously, the hatred, in their voices, and the racist overtones. It makes me sick, I can only wonder how it makes Bonds feel. But he goes out there every day and gives his all. So to hell with the haters.

Now you got this jilted white woman who Brother Bonds used for a whore posing in Playboy and "telling all".

And don't believe for one second that the racist white media, or white people in general are in love with Brother Henry Aaron. If they had it their way Babe Ruth, who among other things was a drunk and a whoremonger would be the all time Home run champion. This is evidenced by Babe Ruth making more money dead than Hank Aaron is making alive.

I also would like to know where the outrage was when that nasty red neck white man, Roger Clemens said this about Brother Henry Aaron:

Hall of Fame slugger Hank Aaron angered the pitcher by saying that pitchers should not be eligible for the MVP.

And I quote:
"I wish he were still playing," Clemens responded. "I'd probably crack his head open to show him how valuable I was."

Clemens also faced steroid scrutiny when former pitcher Jason Grimsley named him, as well as Andy Pettitte, as users of "athletic performance enhancing drugs". Also, according to a 20-page search warrant affidavit signed by IRS Special Agent Jeff Novitzky, Grimsley told investigators he obtained amphetamines, anabolic steroids and human growth hormone from someone recommended to him by, a source said, former Yankees trainer Brian McNamee. McNamee is a personal strength coach for Clemens and Pettitte.

Where is the investigation into these allegations? Where is ESPN and the DEVIL WHITE REPORTERS that Bonds refused to speak to through out the years so they are acting like little scorned bitches, just like that white woman who Bonds treated for what she is...a she's selling her ass to Playboy like somebody want to see her ugly ass. Woman please.

lance williams, sr said...

Militantgg, you sound a little too militant. LOL But I feel you on the basic points.

George said...

There's something sublime about the image of one of these bad n-----s going out amidst all the boos and taking care of business and shutting everyone up. The ultimate was Jack Johnson. They wanted to string him up. Some things'll never change, so we might as well have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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