Monday, August 06, 2007

Look Out for This Book!

That Old Mean Yesterday by Stacey Patton (local tie: Johns Hopkins U grad ). Coming out in September. Makes Antwan Fisher look lame. This memoir blows his away. I bet this will be on Oprah. Check it out. You demand better books. They are out there. Stop buying crap...

Her website's cool, too. More to come.


Liz said...

Checked out her site. Looks very interesting. I'll be looking forward to that one.

Lisa said...

The memoir of Antwan Fisher was a tiny piece less mawkish than the movie, as with The Pursuit ofHappyness. This looks pretty good.

Deesha said...

Thanks for writing about this book. I hadn't heard of it, but I will definitely check it out. The monthly column I write for started as a column about my experiences as an adoptive parent. This book shows an adoptive situation completely unlike my own (to say the least), and it will be a good springboard from which to write some things, even though I'm sure it will be a difficult read.

Thanks again,

James Ferris said...


Thanks for letting us know about this book. I just happened to catch her on The Brian Lehrer show today on WNYC. Very stimulating discussion. A discussion that African Americans really need to have.

Seville said...

Hey, Chris:

Thank you for pointing me here. Must get a copy of her book, as I have always been curious about the connection between beating children in Black families and our history as slaves.

The Amazon blurb triggered memories of Black parents I've witnessed beating their children for daring to want more than they had, as if to say, "I'm hurting you now, so you know your place in this world that will never allow you to be more."

Patton was a student of Chaim Potok, a favourite author of mine, so I'm looking forward to reading her. Thanks, again.

Anonymous said...

Deliver A Messiah "Mistaken Identity" By Agron Belica--Authorhouse Publishing. A Book to look for. WoW!

Anonymous said...


Deliver A Messiah: Mistaken Identity
by Agron Belica
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A reviewer
jennifer kelbier, student, 11/07/2007

Very Interesting work.. Percise and straight to the point. Good job.

Also recommended: To many to list......

A reviewer
abrock, A reviewer, 11/06/2007

read the book, very pleased and amazingly surprised...the comparisons and points you make are undeniably plausible, i can see why youre getting so much backlash and stirring up controversy...very clever the way you put this together, and cited religious text to support your arguments...ultimately, i was very surprised by the way you came to a close, it raises other arguments that definitely had me baffled...can't wait to read the full text, i'm sure i'll be blown away by it like i was by the prequel...thanks brother for the work, what's the sense in reading a piece if it doesn't challenge the senses, and this one definitely did just that...salaam...look forward to reading more of your work in the future!!!

A reviewer
sam j, editor, 10/30/2007

I have never read anything like it. It was an interesting read. two thumbs up..

Also recommended: .......

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ISBN-13: 9781434332585
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Publisher: AuthorHouse
Pub. Date: October 2007
Sales Rank: 241,945
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