Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm jus' sayin'...

OK. Let me get this straight. The US Supreme Court gives George Bush the White House. That is not opinion, that is a fact. Eight years later, the Guantanamo case doesn't go his way, and he tells them--a more conservative bunch even than in 2000--to go to hell. Isn't that bad form...a tad unsporting...churlish? Or in other words--shows he and his rightwing cadre to be the assholes we've always known them to be?
It gets better. This clown who's head of the quasi fascist Washington Legal Foundation issued a statement condemning the decision and proclaiming that the "blood of innocent Americans" will somehow stain it. Hmm. Due process, which set us apart from our enemies=bad. OK, apart from that don't you just hate it when these shrieking fools start to sound just like the opposite side of the coin from the Jihadists and "demon Arabs" they claim our out to destroy our way of life and take our women? Whenever I hear "The blood of..." it's a dead giveway. I'm jus'sayin'.
Oh, by the way, the NBA Championship is fixed. They need the ratings...


Gilahi said...

He's not the first. When the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional for Andrew Jackson to relocate the Cherokees from their home in the southeast to Oklahoma, he was quoted as saying, "They've rendered their decision, now let's see them enforce it." The Trail of Tears took place and about 1/3 of the Cherokee people died in the process. Good that we've got these "checks and balances", huh?

Anonymous said...

What's interesting to me is that the dumbf**ks who watch Fox News or Glen Beck on CNN think it's a "liberal Supreme Court conspiracy." Wow--I didn't think there were any liberals on the Supreme Court. (altho they say Scalia is a "Sex and the City" fan!!)

I got that 2000 irony too. I'm not a "convert" to Obama yet but at te same time it will be nice to see W and Cheney leave!!

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82 Tiger

Professor - Me thinks you need to have a glass of fine Tawny Port or Kentucky Bourbon and chill... I am not happy that when it comes to this war the wheels of military justice move slower then molasses in the deep freeze of winter, but this case is an example of all that is wrong with the judicial process. I humbly ask you to consider the following and not go ballistic:

· The Court first says that this is a matter for the President and the Congress to work out the details addressing the treatment of detainees.
· So after a bi-partisan agreement is reached between the White House and Congress on new more robust rules addressing the treatment of detainees, the Court reverses itself, steps in, and decides after all that they will make the laws regarding the treatment of foreign detainees. It is moments like this that make me understand A. J.’s alleged challenge to the Court – (Justice John Marshall Seminole Opinion I Believe) That’s his opinion now lets see him enforce it!
· The due process you speak of is afforded to ALL American Citizens (and for the moment legal and illegal immigrants) and until this latest ruling was applied least of all to foreign nationals, and more importantly NEVER to foreign combatants & POW's. It appears your passionate glee to give a big F U 2 W is clouding your rational judgment.
· BTW - Since both sides of American Politics like to randomly throw around the term "Stare Decisis" when it suits their cause (Ex: Roe Can/Should Not Be Overturned because of past Court precedent) what about some equal time towards this recent case?
· BTW Take 2 - This case was already decided once before after WWII when German nationals were caught after Germany's surrender aiding the Japanese - The Supreme Court ruled that such combatants were not afforded ANY benefits as provided to US citizens vis a vis the Constitution.

Despite your best efforts to spin a good yarn, all yesterday decision proves is that Kennedy and the other 4 usual suspects on the Court can obfuscate, confabulate, and opine away all they want, but their opinions just overturned the last 60-years of precedent in this area of law.

In any case right or left YOU should be pissed that 9 men and/or women in black might have the temerity to believe they know better then American people and their legislators. It’s no wonder we have legislative gridlock – No one can effectively govern or legislate if courts can invalidate ANY legislation no matter the degree of care that’s taken to craft proper language or gather bipartisan support. Why bother if the Court can invalidate such efforts? No matter if the Court’s action is even based on interpreting existing Rights as found in the Constitution – We’re expected to gleefully cheer the Court & accept when new “Rights” are created thereby eliminating the need to legislate and govern.

As to your asserted “fact” of a stolen election. Bush never brought the initial legal challenges that lead up to the case of Bush v Gore. Once the die was cast was Bush not to make the fight and argue his best case? Oh, and even if you accept the premise that their might have been fraud or vote miscounting (which has never been proven and I don’t believe happened), there was a time not too long ago (such as during the close hard fought 1960 election) when the presidential loser (Nixon) out of respect for the country and the election process stayed quiet and let indisputable valid challenges to provable voter fraud (Illinois and Texas!) give JFK the electoral votes to win the 1960 election.

Let’s be clear that Bush v Gore had no such certainty either bad vote counting or fraud… How can any one with a strait face claim it was the republicans who stole the election when the Court’s 2 opinions in both matters they decided went 7-2 and 5-4 to Bush? That doesn’t even come close to rising to the level of claiming a partisan victory….

So blast away I am not much with you on this rant but I certainly enjoy the chance to think this over and lob a rant back your way!

All The Best!

Gilahi said...

Gosh, "anonymous", your command of the English language and your refutation of opinions based on nothing more than opinions has certainly swayed me to your way of thinking. Yeesh.