Monday, September 28, 2009

Kill Obama

The latest unanswered lunacy. Interesting how, as with the Wade Hampton types in the South during Reconstruction, the more thoughtful, established or moderate types in the GOP sort of hold their noses only in private (I've seen it)...yet in public, well, you might get an occasional tepid tweet.

Enjoy, wingnuts--and hopefully that nigger will vex you no more...

Obama poll (taken down at facebook, finally)...the ex-Governor of Alaska ain't giving us her opinion, though asked today at a pre-pre-press event for her memoir, Going Rouge.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mad Men rules!!! But...

...just in time for Rosh Hashanah (happy new year, Tribe!) and an early (e.g., September) Yom Kippur, God's Chosen People bring us this parody below. It's definitely better-than-SNL-quality. At a time when network TV (and I include certain shows on CW, BET, TVONe, TBS, TNT and and couple on SPIKE, USA in that toilet bowl) sucks, premium cable (HBO, SHOWTIME), AMC (thru Mad Men, Breaking Bad) and other outlets are keeping the faith. Real quality, intelligence. Plot, complex characters. Wow--Tyler Perry's bane? And no wonder no one under 25 years old watches these shows (real quality, intelligence, remember? LOL)
So congrats to Mad Men for the Emmy wins.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crack is Still Whack: Oprah Enables Whitney & Clive Davis' Flacks

[from a dream I had]

Talking points memo from strategic communications/public relations firm, to Whitney's translators: toss that nigga Bobby unda the Newark ta East Orange express bus, gurl! Run ya mouth about bein' a good wife. Takin' careya baby Bobby-Christine. The womens'll cry, nod. Uh-uh, we can relate gurl. Blame the drugs...hell, call Bobby the drug. We can relate, gurl...eEven the white housewives will related. Indeed in this sham of a post-racial millieu, hook them by saying hey, I'm just an E-OJ tackhead with a voice conferred by Jupiter, God, Vishnu and Allah...I'm not the gowns, the cutsey image, the Star Spangled Banner or The Bodyguard. I'm a "jeans and tee shirt" girl. They'll relate. I'm a sassy ghetto girl who was pressured into meeting your middle American expectations. Yes, they can get with that excuse. They love thatGet them to relate. Buy. Hell, I Do Bad All By Myself is Number 1 at the box office. Gullibility, retreat to rote, is what sells. What do you think branding is all about?

So fanboys & girls, Oprah set the stage, literary. Just she and Whitney, one on one. "Hard" questions. High ratings gimmick. Whitney Houston as first bit of pay-off and cross pollination between Clive Davis and Harpo Productions. Yes, folks, it's all artifice, all planned by white people sitting around tables with notes, iPhones and Blackberries, dead Fiji Water & Starbucks soldiers strewn before them. Yet we think it's chance, extemporaneous, even. Hearts, being poured out. Our idols, humanized.

What could be more humanizing that Whitney describing how to sprinkle crack into a joint, torpedo style. Oprah cracking up when Whitney recounts lolling about in bed all day, high and stink. Or both "powerful" women sharing a moment--what to do about their kept, less than successful menfolk, wink wink. What could be more contrived than Whitney's saga of darkness. It was better done, and funnier, when lampooned (like Walk the Line, Ray and any other damn biopic) by John C Reilley in Walk Hard.

So what's your take, folks? Perhaps it's rote: she's nuts, but she still's got that voice. And in the end, isn't that all we care about? Me, you, Clive, Oprah.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Worse than Fox News and Pajamas Media? Yes, it's Tyler Perry...

I'll just repeat what many have been buzzing about over the weekend. Yes, Madea him-(er...herself), king (er...queen) of chitlins entertainment, is set to direct a screen adaptation of Ntozake Shange's classic...seminal...pivotal play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.” Read a little on movieweb here. Proving that contrary to Kanye's Katrina, George Bush cares more about black people than movie execs and financiers. Oh we are all bammas anyway, right?

News flash: BET is planning to redo August Wilson's Pulitzer winning plays featuring Perry's character"Brown."

Sunday, September 06, 2009

About Friggin' Time: The National Mall will look Good

Decades of neglect by Congress (parochial ignorance, from wingnut rednecks to urban congressmen for life) might be at an end. This place was a disgrace. Tianamen Square looks better, despite thousands being mowed down back in '89. I have been to movies, picnics, softball games, ruby matches, marches (Million Man, Peace, Breast Cancer, Autism), just roamin' around, trudging to and from Smithonsian Museums and monuments in muggy DC heat or biting sleet storms...and the place never got better, was always bare, muddy, nasty, dusty, pock-marked...Jefferson was almost underwater while the only bipartisan effort on the Hill in the last 10 years was the billion dollar rehab of the Capitol Building and the Visitor's center.

Now, finally...change. Hope. Read here. Yeah m-f's, it can happen if one has the balls (n.b.: Barack still appears to have one undescended testicle...but it will drop, Trust).

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My new favorite blog: The Prince of Petworth (Washington DC)

Okay, we're now in Columbia Heights (or Pleasant Plains, on the Eastern Gentrification Frontier Zone--my term) rather than Petworth, but the Prince is our town crier.

Check him out here each week, whether you're a DC resident or not.