Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hold the phone...Fox's "Judge" Andy Naps Napolitano says Bush and Cheney should have been indicted for torture?

My favorite wingnut gumba with a Princeton degree (other than Justice Alito), Andrew Napolitano, said it loud and clear. Indict them for torture and lying about it. W. and Uncle Dick.

Of course maybe he can claim too much Chianti, as this was the same guy who wrote a book decrying Reconstruction, the NAACP, the 50s and 60s Civil Rights Movement and the Civil Rights and Voting Acts as evil...but hey.

Check it out here. He's on C-SPAN, by the way, not Fox. The real no spin zone?

Friday, July 09, 2010

Glenn Beck calles Reconstruction "evil"

Of course. And Avatar as well (why can't liberals make "Birth of a Nation" over again?). Now he's sending the love to Senator Joseph McCarthy as a hero.

Wake up, America. There's fascism out there, all right. But it ain't in the White House.