Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boehner's DC Voucher Boner

Regard the story in the Washington Post, describing the Speaker's (and Joe Lieberman's) bright idea to re-introduce (e.g. force, so much for getting government off your back) vouchers to DCPS. I guess Boehner's buddies can set up something called the "True Patriot Voucher School," 'cause these kids, as parents know, ain't going to St. Albans as advertised.

I had more respect for Newt Gingrich as Speaker, for Newt wasn't a hack & an ignoramus like Boehner. Vouchers are a scam. The parents of DC knew this and know it still, and all the GOP wingnuts succeed in doing with this issue is--SURPRISE--unite two bitter enemies in a common cause: the Rhee/Race to the Top/Teach for America reformers, and the teachers union apparachniks & "community activists." Not smart. But this was never about smarts...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Long form journalism is not dead

Amazing documentary from Frontline, produced by a friend of mine

Image Award actually don't make me retch

The NAACP announced it's 2010 Image Award nominees. See the full and category lists here.

Many folks have long grimaced at this aspect of the NAACP's reach and there have been some crazy choices in the past, Lord knows. Moreover, the finances & culture of the event, and influence of the plutocracy, has long been grist for commentators.

In the book biz category I can finally say (1) I'm pleased and (2) I am glad to see personal friends nominated.