Wednesday, May 09, 2007

One of the Seven Dirty Words?


But first...

In the early 1970s cool hippy comedian now curmudgeon George Carlin outlined the so-called "seven dirty words" you couldn't say on TV and the radio. The list has contracted a bit, but there's still one that's utterly verboten. In England, it's bad word but also means schlub or jerk or turdhead. In the US, people use it a lot more than you think. But among African Americans it's not. But when it is hurled at a woman it's 30 megaton airburst and be prepared for the post-nuke wasteland!

In this photo Carlin is using the term on Nazi nympho Ann Coulter. The term: C-*-N-T. Um...obscene, inappropriate, mean? That's like saying someone's being cruel to Lucifer. Well, here's what this beeyotch had to say yesterday about Obama. It's one of many prongs of attack in the usual orchestrated talking points circulated like drums in the old Tarzan movies. I call it the "Douchebag Pipeline." Just check the blogs, the reports on Fox News, Rush, Glenn Beck and the other clowns. Notice how the stories and opinions are identical?

Check this out--

A recent Newsweek poll showing Democrat Barack Obama leading top Republican presidential hopefuls could have been made up and might help al-Qaida, conservative commentator Ann Coulter said in her latest verbal broadside.
Coulter, a best-selling author known for outrageous and often controversial statements, was asked Sunday on Fox News' "At Large" what she thought about the survey results.
"I think this is Newsweek doing more push polling for al-Qaida," she said, referring to campaign-season telephone calls to voters masquerading as neutral surveys but designed to build opposition to targeted candidates.
Asked by host Geraldo Rivera whether she thought Newsweek would make up the results, Coulter said, "Yes, I do," adding, "In polls where people are actually allowed to vote, Republicans do a lot better."
Coulter did not explain how the poll might help the terrorist group. Since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, some Republicans have argued that their party would do a better job of protecting the U.S. against terrorism than Democrats.
Coulter's remark drew a response from Evans Witt, chief executive officer of Princeton Survey Research Associates International, which conducted the Newsweek survey.
"As the 2008 election campaign continues to heat up, I am sure that there will be informed and incisive criticisms of polls from many observers," he said. Coulter's comments "do not fit into this category," he added.
Newsweek spokeswoman Jan Angilella said the magazine would have no comment.
In March, Coulter used a gay slur about Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

Now, we all know this chick isn't kidding. It's no act, no O'Reilley-esque gimmick or Imus cluelessness. This is for real. They tried the similar tactic on Fat Rev Al re: the Mormons when everyone who was there in his debate with Christopher "Douchebag of the Left Wing" Hitchens knew what really happened. Folks of conscience and intelligence need to start speak up and but this heifer in check. Obama's Mr. Nice Guy thing is wearing thin with me. He has a brain fart and misquotes the number of deaths due to this tornado? The President makes even dumber gaffs every 15 minutes. But yes, I expect more from Barack. he doesn't have the luxury of being off his game, but he also doesn't have the luxury of smiling. Call Ann Coulter out. Dare to compare the loving kindness showed Kansas--which will be destroyed again--to the utter contempt shown New Orleans (remember when all the Red Staters called in to CNN saying New Orleans will flood again so just move the niggers out?). Well, why rebuild any town in Kansas or Oklahoma? Ahhhh...that's different. No. That's Coulterism. Barack if you can't at least grow some fangs and some hanging balls, hire someone who does. Someone who knows there is a time when you have to call it like it is...even when it's a c*nt. How about George Carlin? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Get out of my head, Chris! Was noodling the same thing. What is her malfunction? Worse yet, why does Obama just grin and bear this sh@t?

For the record I think Carlin was glazing her in that picture from the Tonight Show and then ON STAGE a few weeks later he used the "c-word." Get your facts right, bruh.

Looking forward to the Thomas interview. I bought the book and will check the site to see if these brothers are coming to the Bay Area/Oaktown. I think they were on TV recently but I could be wrong.

Unknown said...

Yes, the C-word describes Ann Coulter though I am not going to say it. I would rather use what the D-word which is what Fred Sanford used to call Lamont on Sanford and Son: DUMMY!

Those of use who have some intelligence and understand military history and strategy know how dumb she is by her comments and her books. Case in point here she could did not say how the survey was helping Al-Qaeda. The research done for her books are not even comparable to what middle school students do for their book reports.
For example her comparisions with the necessity to overthrow Hitler in World War II to the necessity to overthrow Saddam in Iraq were ridiculous and show how little intelligence she really has. Additionally, her comments to the effect that war in Iraq is the real war the U.S. must fight and that the war in Afganistan has already been won and is not worth any further attention shows what a lightweight she really is especially the recent resurgence of the Taliban proving her wrong.

The question is how Obama should deal with her effectively. Is she worth any attention at all? What seems to keep her around is her victims reaction to her baseless and outrageous comments along with the appeal to the emotion and ignorance of those Americans who believe her and don't have the sense to know that she can't back much up by real facts.

Snowman said...

I concur with Currie's assessment. It angers me when so many of my cohorts--retired Navy and USCG--either remain silent or side with her on so many issues when they know she's wrong. Dead wrong. I've heard them say it and seen them toss up their arms. They seem to think the Democrats are far worse, and frankly that is an irrational view.

Anonymous said...

Somebody please shoot that bitch. She's a gun nut so she'll have a 50-50 chance to win the battle.

field negro said...

Way to keep checking the haters from the right. The "camel neck" one will get hers soon, her Waterloo is on its way.