Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Funnies--Go Speed Racer!

This movie is either going to be supremely silly or really good. Either way, say goodbye to films about real people/well crafted stories until next Fall. Inspired casting, though--Christina Ricci as Trixi! And who else but John Goodman as Pops. I swear the dude who plays Racer X looks just like the cartoon character, and is that Snake Oiler? I'm just glad Samuel L Jackson isn't in this hahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

My brother is 44 years old and you'd think he was 10 again, and this film was Citizen Kane. He is threatening to go to it by himself and leave his kids with us. I agree, it will either be very stupid or a hit. I don't think the producers will want to offend all of those middle-aged boys out there. My kids for what it's worth, could care less.

PS I did buy a copy of Incognegro for my son after seeing your review. I have not gotten any absinthe, however! Have a good weekend.

OBAMA 2008!!!

Anonymous said...

Spritel's voice isn't gravelly enough.

Anonymous said...

It looks better than "10,000 BC" which cannot be anyways near historical accurate, correct?

Now THAT is what my kids want to see.

Robert E. Morgan, Jr. said...

I need help. That is all.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I loved the cartoon. This trailer...not so much.

Lisa said...

Middle-aged boys. That's all who are in Hollywood now and that is why we have the stupid movies we do!

Tafari said...

is is mos def going to be "supremely silly"!!!


Christopher Chambers said...

In the words of Bill Cosby "Come on people." I am a "middle aged" boy and I can picture those afternoons after school but before dinner and homework when my younger brother and I (and often my sister) would watch "Speed Racer" and then "Ultraman." Of all these shows, I figured Speed would make the best live action movie. Look, I was skeptical about the Addams Family, too till I saw the film. The second one was even funnier and more interesting. As long as the writing's cool and the cast is good--you can't count it out.

Pebbles Flintstone said...

I'll give you a pass on "The Addams Family" movies and I enjoyed "Transformers," but on the whole these movies are awful and don't capture the imagination of the younger viewers beyond the "geek" crowd, who will come out and spend the money once and that's it. Nevertheless, I know in you past posts you say Hollywood could care less as long as the producers and the investors make the money back somehow. If you think we are pandered to for "escapist" entertainment here, you shouldgo overseas, especially to the Third World. The dumbest movies here would be as "Cheryl" says "Citizen Kane" in places like India or Brazil!

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

another reason y i dont go to the movies, plus im cheap and can get 3 used books for the same price

Anonymous said...

Racer X is the dude from "Lost."

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