Sunday, February 03, 2008


Like I could give a damn. Two teams for which I have no love. An NFL that feeds off hype, the money machine, image (thus you destroy all documents relating to Coach Bill's spying)...and yet scores of ex players--particular the old timers who built Leagure glory, are crippled and/or demented, and Gene Upshaw lapdogs himself worse than these COONS like Ron Dellums, Maxine Waters, Andy Young, every pastor in Harlem kissing the Clintons' asses. Lord.

No, I don't indulge the ad/pr machine and eat a lot of heart attack food.
No, I don't likewise care about the commercials. Grow the hell up, America.
No, I could randomly give a thrust about the halftime show.

But I will do this--

Prediction Patriots 27, Giants 13
The key to the game will be Eli Manning...and the game itself will be boring as shit. Per usual. Mad worse by the previews of awful reality shows. Enjoy!


tchaka owen said...

I have to admit, after Janet and Justin, I can't see any halftime show matching up.

I love football and I will not miss the game, however I have to agree with you that it's gone so corporate it just isn't as much fun anymore (from a game perspective). The only real benefit is spending time with friends.

Anonymous said...

Coons!!! You have gone down that road. OK, maybe we needed to!

Anonymous said...

You missed the mark with this one...aside from the all the BS, it WAS a good football game and some of the ads were entertaining. really need to lighten up...

Lisa said...

Giants baby!!! You missed up but yes, they key was Eli.
However I agree with our assessment of Ron Dellums and other of our elected officials. MY dad told me of the old football players who are crippled, and who apparently have been cast off.

Anonymous said...

I must be the only guy on the planet who doesn't watch football. I don't think I've ever seen an enitre game in my life. (The same goes for basketball and baseball too) Every time I've tried after 10 minutes I'm yawning and had to cut it off. Is it me or are all sports just boring? Why is the Super Bowl such a big deal? Can someone explain it to me? I would appreciate it.

michael a. gonzales said..., you couldn't have been more wrong. new york baby. coming home from a super bowl party last night, strangers were hugging in the streets and slapping five. it was beautiful.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree with you regarding Dellums and the crew but how about those GIANTS.

So glad the smug Patriots went down.

Sergio, I don't know what to say. I do find baseball and golf boring to watch on TV but to say all sports are boring? hmmm.

Thanks to my dad I have been watching sports all my life and used to play. I think it's fun. When my college finally won the NCAA championship I was happy. Not so much when the damn Knicks chocked in '94 against Houston during the finals. The Super Bowl is all about hype. I was only into it this year because my team (the underdogs) was playing.

Anonymous said...

@ ragazza

I never saw my father watch an entire game in his life and he probably thought they were as boring as I do. So are sports really just a father/son thing?


WifyWu and moi viewed the Sex Pistols DVD whilst the game proceeded.

Stay on groovin' safari,

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Don't know Sergio I'm a woman. I don't think it's a gender thing. My mom is a big Mets and Giants fan.

None of my female friends in Los Angeles are into sports. However, back east it's a different story. Most of them are fans from way back. Maybe it's tradition thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Chicago which is about as sports crazy a town that you can imagine. So I'm definitely odd man out.

And to be totally honest, it does bother me that I'm not interested in sports when everyone else is so crazy about it. I feel like there's something wrong with me

Anonymous said...

Dellums is crazy. This electability thing is wrong: Hillary is the one the GOP wants to run against!!!

And yep. The NEW JERSEY Giants--world champs!!!

dweiums said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Yep - elected officials have royally corn-holed more than a few field negroes that passed the ball down the field. But somehow, your protests come off as the whinings of a Deadskins fan.


Lola Gets said...

Dude, at least you didnt watch the game with two lesbians who get mad if you dont agree with them (ie, not root for the team they are). And these heifers didnt even LIKE any of the teams in the game! One of them told me to shut up, and I had to read her - and I dont even care if she is pregnant or not. Hmpf. But I bet you, Ill be there next year. I never learn, lol.


Pebbles Flintstone said...

Sergio, I agree with you! I am a woman, and I find all sports to be completely boring. I grew up with two brothers who were more inclined to things like the arts (music most of all), and a dad who did not watch any football, basketball or baseball. My dad grew up in the islands and lived in England for a time. He was into cricket and football(soccer) but that was it. He was also into politics and history, which is where I think I get my interests. You are not crazy. I don't give a damn about the Superbowl. Like you, I will yawn after 10 minutes. In college, I went to the games to socialize with friends.

Anonymous said...

I go to a college in Massachussetts but come from Bridge port,CT. To See all those Pat fans cry, while the giants won, who I also hate, win, was bittersweet