Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crack is Still Whack: Oprah Enables Whitney & Clive Davis' Flacks

[from a dream I had]

Talking points memo from strategic communications/public relations firm, to Whitney's translators: toss that nigga Bobby unda the Newark ta East Orange express bus, gurl! Run ya mouth about bein' a good wife. Takin' careya baby Bobby-Christine. The womens'll cry, nod. Uh-uh, we can relate gurl. Blame the drugs...hell, call Bobby the drug. We can relate, gurl...eEven the white housewives will related. Indeed in this sham of a post-racial millieu, hook them by saying hey, I'm just an E-OJ tackhead with a voice conferred by Jupiter, God, Vishnu and Allah...I'm not the gowns, the cutsey image, the Star Spangled Banner or The Bodyguard. I'm a "jeans and tee shirt" girl. They'll relate. I'm a sassy ghetto girl who was pressured into meeting your middle American expectations. Yes, they can get with that excuse. They love thatGet them to relate. Buy. Hell, I Do Bad All By Myself is Number 1 at the box office. Gullibility, retreat to rote, is what sells. What do you think branding is all about?

So fanboys & girls, Oprah set the stage, literary. Just she and Whitney, one on one. "Hard" questions. High ratings gimmick. Whitney Houston as first bit of pay-off and cross pollination between Clive Davis and Harpo Productions. Yes, folks, it's all artifice, all planned by white people sitting around tables with notes, iPhones and Blackberries, dead Fiji Water & Starbucks soldiers strewn before them. Yet we think it's chance, extemporaneous, even. Hearts, being poured out. Our idols, humanized.

What could be more humanizing that Whitney describing how to sprinkle crack into a joint, torpedo style. Oprah cracking up when Whitney recounts lolling about in bed all day, high and stink. Or both "powerful" women sharing a moment--what to do about their kept, less than successful menfolk, wink wink. What could be more contrived than Whitney's saga of darkness. It was better done, and funnier, when lampooned (like Walk the Line, Ray and any other damn biopic) by John C Reilley in Walk Hard.

So what's your take, folks? Perhaps it's rote: she's nuts, but she still's got that voice. And in the end, isn't that all we care about? Me, you, Clive, Oprah.


Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Barron Storrey's Media Talks, History Walks.

I wonder where you could READ about creative "BLACK" musicians instead of marionettes with high pitched voices?

The answer is Europe and Japan, in the USA on "WHITE" owned mags and also "WHITE" promoters.

BTW "BLACK" creative musicians are also human, so DO make mistakes.

msladyDeborah said...

I did not watch one minute of this episode of Oprah. I am really not interested in the life and times of Whitney Huston. She is a terrific talent. There is no doubt about that in my mind. But there are so many other important issues going on in the world. After watching a couple of episodes of the reality show featuring her and Bobby-I came to the conclusion that as long as she smoked-her life would be no less a hawt-mess.

I wish her well. Hopefully she will be able to recaputure a decent portion of the music buying public.

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says:

Professor - Didn't Newsweek recently tell us, at least judged by her show topics, that Oprah's losing her mind?

Her ratings are down and her show topics and tone are starting to remind many of episodes of Maury and Jerry...

Are people starting to realize that Oprah's just another over hyped gas bag that's running low on hot air???

One Can Only Hope & Pray People Are So Savvy!

Anonymous said...


Ishi said...

I think she threw BB unda da bus. But, remember, in Bobby's book he said that SHE was the one who put him on to crack - he was just doin lines at first but Whit Whit brought the pipes.

I do think that she's shirking from her responsibility in this. She had all the power and chips in this relationship but had low self esteem.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who put who on crack?! You hating bitches are so quick to attack yet you wouldn't DARE pull that crap on Brittany,Lindsay gotsomebloHan,Amy Crackhouse,Paris,Anna Nicole,the like! Spare me why is it when it's a WHITE celebrity especially a female you all are quiet as damn mice. And say NOTHING when the racist hypocrite white media makes every kind of excuse by saying it's a 'disease and they can't help themselves so let's all hold and hands and pray for them' BULLS$$T! I don't even know why we need white people we truly are our own WORST enemy.

Anonymous said...

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