Friday, May 28, 2010

Book Expo America--in full effect at the Javits Center

Wish I was there but family matters squat upon me like the iconic gothic "Night-mare" painting of old. The publishing and retail bookselling biz ain't quite dead yet. Of course, having Sarah Ferguson or Barbara Streisand pitching their latest crap draws folks in, along with free books from graphic novels in the DC or Marvel areas, to slews of coffee table tomes and tschotchky. Black folks are there, oh yeah--BEA is like our internecine reunion and gladhanding fest, though other apparently better-heeled ethnic groups don't seem to put the same emphasis on this.
I'm following the Tweets and links, and hope something dramatic pops off. In the mean time, back to work. Three unfinished projects. Michaelangelo or Dickens I am not.


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