Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long: Are we African Americans, or Niggers?

Chris Rock rang this bell years ago. What are we?

Forget the hatemongering of gays. Check this out:

“We’re not just a church, we’re an international corporation. We’re
not just a bumbling bunch of preachers who can’t talk and all we’re
doing is baptizing babies. I deal with the White House. I deal with
Tony Blair. I deal with presidents around this world. I pastor a
multimillion-dollar congregation. You’ve got to put me on a different
scale than the little black preacher sitting over there that’s supposed
to be just getting by because the people are suffering.”

Nuff said. Read between the lines. Stop being niggers and start being African Americans...


Anonymous said...

And better than that -- start off by being human. Eddie Long stopped being human a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Amen (sorry for the irony)

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Not much related (entirelly) to this man, the church and fear of God.
But with fearing ourselves, or better a rant ( if you do not mind ).

Education is the gateway, the only gateway for Freedom. It is not God. It is not feigned Revolution.
I am sure God has more important things to do.
Because, you know … you have NO monopoly on pain, shame, misery and poverty.

When China trumped Japan as the 2nd larger world economy, i saw on TV japanese old and new take on the news as if its just a game that was lost. But they also see an opportunity in it.

A mother say that now she has to teach her children to speak "Chinese".
I though that is the spirit. Adaptation = Surviving!

I use the word Afro-American instead of black because the so called Whites in your country are europeans. The peasants/agrarians may not be savvy connoisseurs of the great european cultural tradition but the best educated do and the Best educated in Asia also enroll their child in it. Not because its superior BUT for their child to be able to compete!
Europeans rule the world, so their culture ( arts, literature, science ) is relevant in order for you to be part of this world.

What i mean is this.

In your country every other ethnic group can trace their lineage entirely.
You cannot. OK, Africa, but where? Africa is not a country, its a continent with thousands of different cultures. So perhaps you are the quintessential American.

Africa linkage is biological and Historical, i'm uncomfortable with the word race, culturally i'll say there is almost NO trace at all, your culture is universal therefore.
It drinks from every culture that existed/went to the USA (arts, literature, religion).
So Afro-American is a reminder of your history ( more in some degree perhaps ) and your culture.

I do not use black because of its fallacies.
I mean it is a construction (from the 60s?) based on a singularity that is false. Your skin color (it is not black) cannot unify all your shades, because you are a melting-pot ( same with Africa after colonization, before colonization there was NO Africa, Africa is an european construction - the countries and its borders ).
The idea of the rhythm, swing and etc. are fallacies, the variety within your culture renders those ideas bullshit.

You (as with Africans - where countries were created with disregard to cultural differences) should open yourselves to the world, philosophically and culturally.
Dark skinned people should be able to adapt anywhere, it will be the best way to shatter our main enemy.
That is the racism against ourselves, or reverse racism.
Reverse racism is believing that we are worthless, we are unworthy, to this day believing that we are worthless is still stilled in little boys and girls by their parents and siblings (James Baldwin was the only person to this day to "openly" wrote about this?).
If you feel like that/believe in it from the back of your mind you shut yourself from other cultures. You shut yourself close from reaching high.

Sorry about the rant.

Hathor said...


"Black" is not based on skin color. I think you should look more in dept of the experience of those of African decent in America for you to generalize so much about us. Jim Crow was more than just bigotry and segregation. Assimilation of values and culture of the European was not what change that. It didn't matter if you could speak standard English, eat with the right fork, fought in their wars, went to Harvard; all that mattered was if you had that one drop of African blood.
"Being Black" wasn't some catch phrase of the sixties, It was an acknowledgment that our one drop didn't make us defective or second class citizens.

I for one, consider myself American, because America is as much African as it is European.

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

"Black" is not based on skin color. I think you should look more in dept of the experience of those of African decent in America for you to generalize so much about us.

No, i ddid not generalize. I made parallelism, from Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

When i wrote European, as with African and Asian, it is related to history, "race" or genealogy.

American cannot relate to genealogy nor nationality. a Brazilian is also an American. Brazil is a federation of states as the USA, Canada, Mexico, all United states of America. See?

American is politics (i'm not forgetting Native Americans).
I firmly believe that the dropping of Africa from many african descendants in Americas is based on prejudice (you ARE free to disagree!), because europeans in Americas are very proud of their European inheritance.
That is very obvious in Art, literature, even in video-games or the names in your cities, the architecture of the landmarks of your political cathedrals.
It is ALL about the great European culture.
A culture that is a proof that polyculturalization ( a thing that Greek and Romans mastered ) is the best way for humanity. A clear contrast from the Vatican/West conservatism that erroneously claims the vindication of Roma.

All i wrote is WE dark skinned should be free as those Greeks who went to Egypt to learn, who made theirs myths and legends from other cultures.

Another proof that resist the times ( perhaps because of IT ) is the Jews.
If you are not afraid of yourself (to begin with accepting yourSELF, not a easy thing) you enrich others and yourself with others.

It is sad that this problem is not addressed by artists, writers/directors, even better by psychologists.
BTW did you watch Charles Burnett's Killer Of Cheep?
I think he touched on the subject of FEAR and SElf loathing ( a thing that is still passed to children within dark skinned families • you can blame colonialism, but we ARE a;ready the victim, we should no longer victimize ourselves by ourselves )

No, i did not generalize.
Calling oneself BLACK is to generalize. Black is SO short to hold History.

Anonymous said...

Dont waste your time with Ochyming, he is mildversion of a troll, he is a Nigeria hater! Africa needs to get its act together...the Europeans are broke and bankrupt culture, that is why Brazil, and China, India are emerging! Why is Africa emerging with all its resource insread od being the supply store for the world. Nigeria should look like Dubai...not a Flavea in Rio de Janerio on redbull!

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...


Now i am a Nigerian?
If i remember you are a USA citizen whom parents are Spaniards?

Attack my post, we are here discussing.

For the record Africa has few resources.
High Education i mean.
Human being = Real resources, not petroleum or uranium.

Anonymous said...

Ochyming, you're an ass.....

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