Wednesday, September 27, 2006

McGruder & Chappelle: Grow Up

As the lawyers say: Res Ipsa Loquitor. What is up with these negroes? Taking themselves a tad too seriously? Erratic genuises? Too much weed? Oh well...all glory is fleeting.


Anonymous said...

I practice ENT and maxillo-facial surgery with your Princeton classment Bill Flynn. My wife Andrea as been a publicist with Time Warner, then BET and then Comedy Central and she and I agree with you all the way. There is no need to go beyond your title.

Bill says he's looking forward to see you in June.

Anonymous said...


Once again you are being too hard on these brothers. But I do agree maybe...maybe...there is something else going on in their heads that is personal to them. Many brothers can deal with success and the creative process well and flourish, without getting strange.

DJ Lancelot
106.1 FM Hip Hip and R & B
Oakland, CA

TigerHawk said...

They let Bill Flynn cut people? Does he wear a shirt in the OR? Because back in college he rarely wore a shirt.

Just goofin'. Best to Bill.