Sunday, October 01, 2006

Welcome back, Brotha Powell...

If only I could clone Lyndon Baines Johnson from a bone fragment and turn him loose on (1) the idiots in his own Democratic Party and (2) the GOP's rabid "heavy thinker" righties, so-called "real" Christians and other such clowns. What he'd do with Colin Powell, now that'd be priceless...

"Cah-lin, Mr. President."
"Sorry there, son...I keepthink' 'bout mah bowels. Anyhows, Colon, I've readin' this here article in the Washington Post Magazine by this filly Karen DeYoung...kinda man-lookin' chicky...why the f***k can't these here women journalists look good...yew see that Jessica Simpson? Whoooo-weeee, I bet them f***kin' Kennedy boys be all over that p***y if she were 'round in '62. An' that colored girl who cain't sing?"
"Beyounce, sir?"
"Naw...the young'un, Christina Millian. Give a mesquite stiffy jus' thinkin' 'bout her lil' brown caboose..."
" wanted to talk about the article sir?"
"Yep. Colin let's thinky-here 'bout this quote:

'Still mulling over the situation a week later with a visitor in his dimly lit office, he criticized a persistent White House machismo that took aim at "anything . . . that suggests any weakness in the [administration's] position," regardless of common sense. That, and what he saw as a never-ending effort to humble him personally.
"There are people who would like to take me down," he said, jerking his thumb in the direction of the White House. "It's been the case since I was appointed. By take down, I mean 'keep him in his place'. . . And there are those who, whether it was me or anyone else, just love somebody getting in trouble, because it's usually to the detriment of the person getting in trouble and to the advantage of someone else.'

Son, if that don't lay the fence open for the bull ta run through...ah don't know what else these here weeny-p***sies in mah party need to press home to these NASCAR dads and Desperate Housewife housewives what a bunch of bootscrapin's your old crew is. From Rove and Cheney to them horsef***kers who run Fox News! Can I get Bill Moyers ta brief you yer public announcement that yew've become a Democrat? Bill's mah press secretary in the old days...them was the as fat as Ann-Margaret's titty. You familiar with Ann-Margaret, son?"
"Yes, um...very pretty, but look, Mr. President--"
"But look nothin', son. I got in my goody bag all the mess Rove and Card and Roger Ailes was gonna 'leak' on your wife Alma's depression, lotta mess on yew personally...yew'd no longer be their nigger, son. Pardon the word, but since I rammed and I do mean mean rammed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 through, I guess other than that faggot Bill Clinton I got the right to use that a reference, of course..."
"Well, yew gonna play ball or what? It was men like yew who stood up ta Joe McCarthy. Hell, I never had the nutsack ta stand up to the Klan in West Texas...but I learned to depend on men lak yew. "
"I'll think about it, sir."
"Ya got five minutes, boy..."

Fantasy isn't an outlet for our pent-up yearnings, frustrations. It's a safety-valve. That isn't a fine distinction...

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Anonymous said...

Tavis Smiley once said that only small minded fools were convinced that Colin Powell is an Uncle Tom. Rather, he's a good soldier. Too selfless for his own good, and that is why black folks think he's crazy. There's a difference between that relentless love of duty, and being a trick like Condi!