Monday, February 19, 2007

What they're really thinking

Forget bald-headed freaks like Brittany (you know the sick redneck chick hsaved her head as a pub stunt, no doubt fueled by Anna Nicole getting all the ink lately). You want to know what teenage white chicks really think about the rest of us? Check it out:

"I have respect for all races, but I'm very glad that I was born white. As a woman, it's the best race to be. Especially if you want to become an actress, like I do. If I wasn't white, then the next thing I would wanna be is Asian because a lot of men like Asian girls because they think they're docile and subservient and sweet which I don't really think is true because I once met this Asian girl at summer camp one time and she was a real bitch. If I couldn't be white and I also couldn't be Asian, then my third choice would be African-American because I've always wanted to be a gospel singer and also, black men are more forgiving if your ass gets big. Except I'd definitely want light skin and Caucasian features like Vanessa Williams or Halle Berry. And finally, you know, no offense or anything but my very last choice would be Arab. There's a lot of resentment in this country toward the Middle East and there's a lot of stereotypes floating around which I don't think are true because in the short amount of time I've known this Arab girl, she hasn't tried to bomb anybody and she currently smells okay to me."


Anonymous said...

I've seen/heard this before. Was this from a movie? If so the screenwriter probably didn't have to make any of it up. All they had to do was give some young girl a situation and let her talk! fictional version of what Borat did to those two drunk frat boys!

Anonymous said...


You really need to stay away from It's not healthy.

Snowman said...

This was from a street interview with a high school girl or from a movie. Quite frankly either way it's a bit disturbing. My daughter in law teaches at a private school in Annapolis, Md and sees the creme de la creme: and these young people are horrifying. I can say you may need to find a different vocation because they don't read, and when they do, it's the trash you allude to in other posts.

Indeed, if I may be bold, most of these children are white but appear to want to be black. I mean no offense when I say it's the more "thug" folklore element that they seem to worship.

By the way, on your recommendation this past Fall I have taken out two Sen. Jim Webb's novels from the Library and I enjoyed them. It's great to have this man in the Senate. I am not convinced yet about Obama, but with John McCain running amok I may have to go back to the junior Senator from Illinois. I hope he picks Jim Webb as a running mate!

I hope Steve McQueen garnered more votes that Shaft!

field negro said...

I knew this Chinese guy once, and he was very very smart. I think I would like to be like him.

Ed RockStar said...

Is this from the movie HARD CANDY? It does sound familiar... (Ed)

Ed RockStar said...

oops wrong movie. Is it from Pretty Persuasion?

MartiniCocoa said...

I want to meet the parents of this girl. Just want to look at them in
the face so I can have a visual for the term of abject failure.