Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Justice League Office Space

For everyone slaving in cubicle so Mr. Charlie and Missy Ann can pad their portfolios and keep the hedge fund tools who own the stock happy...enjoy. By the way, whilst you're salivating like Pavlov's mutt over "Idol," they're hiking gas prices, mortgaging your pension, invading Iran, etc. Just a thought as you also see that Viacom, is suing Google/YouTube for $1billion. Yep, $1billion in copyright infringement claims. Um...I'd say that's debateable as hell, and there is a lot of fair use, modification and even parody shielding much this content. And don't you think for one friggin minute this is about justice for the songwriters, authors, cartoonists, performers, artists, filmmakers, videographers. Speaking as content maker myself, we see a fraction of the real money, whether you write poetry for some bottom shelf anthology, or you're Justin Timberlake. And it certainly ain't about you, the public, who likely gets more exposure to this content on YouTube rather than other outlets, and Viacom ought to kiss Google's fat bloated ass for that. Of course it's all a ploy to drive down Google's stock price and have MTV and other tentacles in the Sumner Redstone Leviathan extort the licensing fees. Oh won't the hedge funds be happy-happy then? Jesus, recall when America actually made shit? Steamships and railroads, art deco skyscrapers, threshing machines that fed the world?

What the f*5k happened? I'd ask the Super Friends and Justice League, above, to help, but they're busy filling out TPS reports...


Anonymous said...

I have seen this before. Very funny,even if you've never seen Office Space.
I've taken you advice on some of these other books, including The Politics of Jesus. My wife finished Eisa Ulen's Crystelle and is recommending it to her book club. However, ironically they have already picked the William Cooper romance book.

By the way, my Buckeyes are going all the way. The ride starts Thursday!

Snowman said...

I am not althogether clear on the cartoons and from where the dubbed voices come, but it's quite funny! Please excuse my 60+ sensibilities as well regarding You Tube. However, it is good to see monsters fight, as long as we little people can stay out of the way.

Pebbles Flintstone said...

To Snowman,
Your 60 + sensibilities as far as I am concerned are very welcome!! Office Space is a movie that was made in the 90's and chronicles the saga of bored office workers looking for another way. It is a cult classic and one that is worth checking out. From your point of view, it may be very telling about what is going on in this generation. From my point of view (early 40's female and working for a big coporation), it is a testament to everything we should not become -- slaves to the big corporate master. Or at least - in my case find your niche, become good at it, and work to live, not live to work (benefits are good thing to have, but job security is another issue for this generation and the next. that is what the movie points out).

Anonymous said...

Your blog is as silly as your opinions. Affirmative action should account for the Princeton degree. As for the rest, I'll keep to myself.

Stay out of our "hood" and we'll stay out of yours.