Friday, May 25, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell: a defense?

Did it ever occur to these right wing fools that these fights are provoked if not orchestrated? Look, the favorite epithet is "big fat loud liberal lesbian" (as opposed to a nice lithe silent dyke like Dick Cheney's daughter and her wife...oops...thart's against God's law, isn't it, Mr. Vice President?). Ad hominem attacks like that show a dipstick where a true lead rod should be. The chick's got brass and ain't stupid. It's no contest. Elizabeth Hasselback is a walking allegory for every suburban housewife in the Sunbelt who can spend time getting pedicures and dropping the kids off in a Benz SUV...and lambasts women who have to get up, tend the kids AND go to a real job. Check out what my cousin comically said: "She's the sweetheart of Gamma Gamma Ho, stuck on the equally dense quarterback type who but for him being born an attractive white male in America, he'd be living in a highway drainage culvert!" Hahahaha. Know what I mean? Come on--you know you DO! Look, as "obnoxious" as Rosie is, do you REALLY think Hasselbeck's her intellectual equal? That plus Joy Behar and that fat sista just sitting there supports my thesis that this whole thing was a set-up.

Now as to THE thing, we all know that Saddam Hussein, our former ally, had nothing to do with 9-11. He even quelled the extemist factions in Iraq (holding the crap together by fear and violence the way Tito held Yugoslavia). The invasion, the whole thing was a bizarre political opera (I've give you the details later, but it being close to Memorial Day, I wouldn't want to be accused of not supporting the troops). We'd 've been better off invading western Pakistan. Lawd. ;-) Anyhow, it's easy to see how someone like Rosie would've made the comment she did, thus setting-up the right wing pundits to help their ratings, in turn. All Rosie said was to Elizabeth was "Hey do you really believe the hateful crap they are saying about me? Even if you don't agree with my opinions, as a colleague, blah blah, a woman, a castmember, even friend--do you have my back?

Elizabeth didn't. If I were Rosie, I'd have kicked her ass...were this real life. And there, fanboys & girls, is the punchline...


Lisa said...

OKay, I find myself agreeing with Rosie O'Donnell. Lord have mercy, what has happened to me? ;-0

Seriously, I see your point, too, that all of this feeds off itself so much that you wonder if it's all a big set up.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me it is a question of personality and truly physical appearance. Everyone knew she was a gay, but when she was the Queen of Nice middle America loved her. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt say all that Rosie does but no one attacks them because they are attractive.

Chicama Vineyard said...

As a liberal lesbian myself (but I think I look pretty good; no flab), I say bravo to Rosie. She just does not have a good media consultant.

Please let me know when you have the Cora Daniels interview.