Monday, July 02, 2007

"Uh...he did WHAT?"

Yep, our very own Caveman from Crawford commuted Scooter Libby's sentence after a US Appeals Court told Scooter Libby he, like all other damn you or I if we were convicted, even wrongfully, would have to go to prison pending his appeal. Now, we are all told this Administration, and this "new" right wing GOP, is about law, is about moral leadership that is a beacon to the rest of the poor wretches on this earth, and makes our enemies jealous (I guess Putin and the Chinese aren't in that boat--and they aren't jealous for they do gangsta shit like this all the time). We're told it's the liberals who are about cronyism and corruption and paying off interest groups and cynical politics, and power for power's sake. And yet I hear stuff like "Well, it wasn't so bad." "Um...Clinton pardoned Mark Rich so this balances things out." And those are the milder statements. Sound slike stuff my 7 year old nieces and nephew would say. I guess Republican special prosecutor and forthright Princeton man Patrick Fitzgerald was just a fool then, and Judge Reggie Walton, a black Republican trained by Daddy Bush (boy, isn't he starting to look like not such a bad President compared to Junior?) was a useless affirmative action negro brainwashed by liberals, and the DC jury was probably a bunch of blacks from the hood. to any of that.
The situation now: Any moderates, any independents whom were fence sitting are now planted on terra firma away from the GOP. This is going help even clowns like John Edwards raise money! And you notice none of the "main" GOP candidates are saying a thing. But in Hollywood you can hear Fred Thompson screaming, "Uh...he did WHAT? I'm the damn fool's gotta bob 'nweave on all this mess when I de-bates that boy O-bama in a year! Hell, that boys gonna pucker my anus worse than Memphis barbeque inside the gut of a faggot with Crohn's Disease!"
Stick a fork into our retarded, cynical scumbag of a President. I'm sure the blog/Fox News machine will sweat into the night trying to come up with a way to spin this,even if it short-dicks every terrorist in Tehran. Optimus Prime...we need you buddy! Roll in from Cybertron and I'll drive you and the other Autobots all the way down 16th Street NW to the White House...then we rumble to the Capitol and clean house...(even you, Miss Nancy. I'm having Bumblebee drive you away as you have proven to be a lame grandma).


Anonymous said...

Dude...clairvoyance is one of your skills?! I was thinking those very thoughts, e.g. Bush=idiot, Autobots please come and run these fools out of Washington.

Here in Oaktown we can hear the rumblings in the Peoples Republic of Be-zerkley and the Queer Latter Kingdom of San Fran over this as I type. Not to mention the brothers who have now pledged to beat down any Republican who comes here to campaign. Unless your boy Fred Thompson's dating Christina Millian, he needs to stay his ass out of No Cal.

Great minds, bruh, great minds...

Anonymous said...

Is any one really surprised, after the Court of Appeals said he had to serve the time?

Lisa said...

The backstory is that Bush was trying to do the candidate a favor so the Dems couldn't push them in a debate whether they would pardon Libby!


field negro said...

They are gangsters dude, straight gangsters!!

Unknown said...

Your president was extremely hypocritical with this decision especially after all of his comments regarding the situation. Guess the need to protect Darth Cheney too.
The only thing on the Democrats side is that Hillary Clinton can't really say anything after her husband Slick Willie pardoned Marc Rich who was the largest fugitive from American justice and did not even stand trial because he fleed the country.
Guess it goes a long way when your ex-wife had $50K plate fundraisers for the president along with Foxy Brown and waitresses on ice skates on the 5th avenue condo balcony.

Unknown said...

It's really something. These people are gangsters as field negro said. White men in power really are above the law, these guys do what they want to do. Even white young men who are so much as accused of things under questionable circumstances yet did not spend 1 minute in jail are compensated, giving book deals, tended to and overindulged. It's the history of culture and Affirmative Action for many privileged white men and their friends.

Anonymous said...

Optimus Prime as our savior? At this point, I would be happy if Megatron and the Decepticons rolled into town and took over. At least their malevolence and contempt for all things outside their sphere is HONEST.

Pebbles Flintstone said...

Prez Bush looks like my dad Fred!
And Fred is not a smart guy.

Seriously though, this is some scary stuff. I hope Bush's chickens "come home to roost" as Mr. X said some years ago. This is not right. I was almost sick the other day listening to the news when Bush declared he agreed with the verdict, but decided that the sentencing would be too harsh considering Libby's service to the country. Come on, man!

tchaka owen said...

Chris, aren't you a Republican? I could swear when I met you that you tilted to the right side.

Anyway, in regards to this latest maneuver by Bush, are you really surprised? Dubya is a loser and everyone inside the Beltway branded a big 'L' on his forehead last Thursday when his immigration policy got shot down. Done! It is all but assured that his legacy will be the Iraq quagmire and nothing else. He's possibly the 43rd worst president our nation has ever had.

Quite frankly, I'm fine with him pardoning Scooter because that deflates Republican ammo and will likely push party members to distance themselves from him. Maybe that will enable Dems to achieve more in Congress.

- Tchaka Owen

Christopher Chambers said...

Tchaka, I've always been right wing on items like culture and crime. But I've always measured even those stances against the truly cynical tools with their agendas.

I think the ambivalence comes out in my fiction. I purge the pain there hahaha