Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Disappointment...and Coming Attractions

Update. Sadly Heather Hunter at PG Plaza was a little bit crowded. And no camera phone pictures, sorry. As I said in the comments below, HH is somewhat overly made-up...but hey, she's still going strong. Alas, sorry for all the controversy. Every book like this I buy from Karibu means they'll have the money to keep supporting other authors. Right.

Anyway, stay tuned for these items, fanboys & girls:

1.Post-Comic Con rants, update on The Darker Mask, how I feel cheated by Dark Horse now that the Green Hornet's being written for the screen (and played by)--you ready--Seth Rogen of "Knocked Up" and "The Forty Year Old Virgin." WTF? For the graphic novel I envisioned penning a Hornet with a Terrance Howard type as media mogul Britt Reed and Zhang Ziyi as a female Kato. And I may very well get to do that, according the folks in Oregon. Just not any time soon... ;-(

2. NAACP once again shows it's irrelevance by asking NFL to "be kinder" to Michael Vick. Did they read the indictment? He bankrolled the whole enterprise and knew about the shootings, eletrocutions and hangings of these Pits, you idiots! Not to mention the drug dealers (and babies) who came by to bet on the fights.. the ATL branch probably gets it's budget from milking rappers, athletes and strip club owners' guilt. All hail Hotlanta and the Dirty South...

3.Ocean City, Md woman performs abortions on herself. People ask why. Not a teen, not a retard (though she is a Worcester County redneck, overweight, lives with her skinny boyfriend and loves NASCAR). She runs a fairly successful taxi firm at the resort. Thank God we go to Delaware. Anyway, they find a numebr of dead fetuses (Foeti?) under the sink. Now everyone's asking why why why. Lord, like Andrea Yates and so many white women, the impluse is to study, debate, chalk up to post partum depression or abusive hubbies. But woebetide if you are Black or Latina. Fry the bitch! The animal! They breed like flies anyway and use crack (as opposed to white folks who use meth, and we have to get them to treatment for Godssakes). Perhaps the NAACP should address this, as well as let's see--black boys dying in Iraq, crumbling schools, crumbling values, lack of capital and access to debt by black businesses and entrepreneurs, KKK prosecutors in Jena(Louisiana) and in the Glenarlow Wilson case, voter fraud by the GOP in at least three US Senate elections. Gee...

4. A retired general and Alberto "Frito Bandito" Gonzales, ready to fall on their swords for George Bush. Who's more disgusting--the retard or the fools who cover for him?

5. The Chief Justice and other such oxymorons--he's got such great free health care, doesn't he?
6. More author interviews. Steve Barnes-Tananarive Due-actor Blair Underwood. David Anthony Durham. "Sleepers" author Lorenzo Carcaterra on his new deal with Atari. You know I do it better...

Happy August. Feel free to leave some thoughts on any of these.


Lisa said...

Beat you to the finish line:

"Officers investigating a report of a disturbance at Heyward's apartment Monday night found her crying and yelling, "'Oh, my babies,'" according to a police report.

A man holding Heyward told officers "the kids were in trash bags and under the cabinet." The police report said Heyward tried to bite and kick the officers, had to be restrained, and was taken to a hospital because medics thought she could be having seizures.

"She stated she wanted to die and asked officers to kill her," the report said.

Neighbor Brandon Coving said he saw Heyward and the children on Sunday. "They were running around, and she had a big smile on her face, and it seemed like a regular day," he said.

Hanahan is about 15 miles north of Charleston."

--she is a sister, poor and my aunt says the white folks are shaking their head already, calling her names like the ones you listed (i.e. "animal"). No depression defense there.

The DA's in the school case and the Glenarlow Wilson case seem to have escaped the scrutiny of the watchdogs of Mike Nifong. I guess "misconduct" only applies to white male defendants with money. I hope the brothers at Brown rack ReadeSeligman up. Y'hear Ques!

Sorry, I'm feeling particularly militant today.

Christopher Chambers said...


My goodness please don't advocate the Omegas beating the living shit out of little Readey as he transfers from DUKE to BROWN (that's in Providence RI y'all). We can find his dorm address laterto send him a "best wishes" card.

As for this crap in SC--I should be Ed Norton in The Illusionist or Christian Bale in the Prestige. We'll have to follow this case carefully and point up the disparate treatment. Though note that the Police Chief of Ocean City Md is a squat white female who doesn't seem to be singing the "poor deluded" song that the white males seem to warble.

Liz Dwyer said...

NAACP...what will it take for them to get a clue???

Anonymous said...

Someone is going to say that this recent South Carolina event, and the sister in Ohio, were more "savage" because the mothers made some affirmative act like leaving a real kid in a hot car or microwaving a baby. Not that Andrea Yates and about a dozen more of these chicks didn't do things as heinous, but there's always someone who'll say delusional behavior like bashing your children's heads in because you think devils are inside them is less cruel than smoking crackwhile pregnant or saying "f-- this baby, put it in the microwave."

I want tohear more about Dark Horse Comics and the Green Hornet. They obtained the rights to re-print, correct?

The NAACP? Don't get me started.

Anonymous said...

"Frito Bandito?!" I love it! Gonzalez is scum. This general is a patsy.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I am with you on the Green Hornet. I saw that news in Variety and thought it was a misprint.

Re: NAACP. Yes, Mr. Vick is innocent till proven guilty but why did the ATL branch feel the need to hold a press conference about this?

Anonymous said...

I haven't read the book yet but it's my understanding that Underwood is planning to adapt Casanegro for theatrical or DVD release. What do you think of authors who write novels as visions of lucrative movie deals dance in their heads?

Christopher Chambers said...

Anonymous--I don't think the key i movie deals dancing in your noggin. Hell everybody's got those. It's moe the approach--writing this with the intent to cross market online and in DVD form. Not even theatrically, which is the kicker. I'm painfully ambivalent. On the one hand, I love what T Steve and Blair have come up with. On the other, this approach is usually the one taken by B-movies, foreign productions (from kung fu flicks to Ukrainian produced garbage starringSteven Segal) and softcore porn.

Anonymous said...

i have no sympathy for mr vick .
i knew you would be dissapointed at h h ! lol
i want to see an octavia butler movie made .

Anonymous said...

i also watched that movie 300. i loved the way it was shot , but if i am correct , the original greeks were black ? am i correct christopher >

Christopher Chambers said...

As viceral, visual entertainment, the movie 300 is stunning. But as we measure "great" films, it's not so great. LOL And that has nothing to do with the supposed racist, anti-middle eastern crap pinned on the graphic novel and the flick (in some respects rightly so)

As for the Greeks, well, they weren't exactly a homogeneous lot and it depends on the timing. What we'd call "classical Greece" is I guess after the fall of the old Mycenaean and Crete civilizations (which yes, DID borrow a LOT from Africa and of of course the Hittites, the Assyrians in present day iraq and were amazing in the and their own right) but before the ruin of the Peleponesian War (Athens vs Sparta and all that mess, and the rise of Macedonia). By the time of Classical Greece, then, I don't think you could call thepeople living there "black." Plenty of trade, exchange of ideas, science, etc. however.

I would suspect that the major interaction and intermingling was indeed suring those old OLD times when the Minoans on Crete and the Mycenaeans were getting started, and these people traded with the black African kingdoms by sea and across caravans, plus of course through the greating pot that was Egypt. The upper Nile kings (reverse what you'd think by reading the map) were largely black folks, the lower Nile (delta) kings and people were more akin to who was living in Canaan etc. Again, everybody knew of everyone else just like there's world trade today. Too bad we have to relearn lessons. Civilizations fall for the same arrogant and wasteful reasons, and we have to build ourselves up from scratch all over again.

I think the converse has been put to rest re "blackness" however, regarding Egypt under the Ptolemys (like Cleopatra). Those folks were definitely not black. They descended from one of Alexander the Great's generals and his family with limited interbreeding from the local yokels. I'd say Cleopatra looked more like Penelope Cruz than Beyonce, dude. hahaha

Anonymous said...

hi chris ,
I am a woman. In regards to 300 the cinematography was stunning . After I got over this ( watched it about 6 x) the story line was not great. My husband was like get a grip this movie sucks .

I agree with your statement we can learn from our past , and it is the same as now .

When you look at minoan pottery , and mycenean pottery there is no out right person with african features , they appear to have influences of a later harappan or aryan civilizations, of course this was b/4 the pel wars.

One thing I do believe is that history has been re- written , I don't know if we shall ever know the real truth .

Vpayne88 said...

Heather's book is hott.. too bad the signing was overcrowded..but i was able to get my hands on the book and it was great.. a def Must Read!

Anonymous said...

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