Sunday, September 09, 2007

Coming Attractions!!!

More author interviews. Are you ready for this?

  • Peter Schmidt, author of Color and Money: How Rich White Kids Are Winning the War over College Affirmative Action (Hardcover).
  • Nathan McCall author of Makes Me Wanna Holler and the upcoming novel about gentrification and how coloredfolk and whitefolks are more alike then both would like to admit: Them
  • Stacey Patton, author of the memoir That Mean Old Yesterday
  • And Tananarive Due, Steve Barnes and gulp for the ladies, Blair Underwood, on the future of the Casanegra series and the interplay of books and film.

More rants: What I really think about Ivy League Soldier Gen. David Petraeus. What I really think should happen to the Jena 6, and the conflicting almost schizophrenic ethos showing how the violent crime issue withon the black community can, as Chris Rock says, "turn Rosie O'Donnell into Ted Nugent." Will a real American sculpt the MLK Monument or will the Chinese get their quid pro quo from corporate America (watch for more $10 jeans and Thomas the Train toys to disappear from the shelves, folks). More nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens and the hypocrisy of the media. endorsements for GOP and Democratic presidential nominees. Hmmm...

"I gave no orders for murder and plunder for murder and plunder's sake. Or for revenge. That is your province--visited on we, on the Red Indian, on your own brothers. I said only that under cover of shock and fear may we slip away and ride to our freedom as men. For that pronouncement I shall face my punishment from our Lord Jesus Christ. But I shall not answer to you for any of it!"

--Nat, 1831


Anonymous said...

Didn't you preview the college and the Patton book already?

Nathan McCall has a new one?

What is Casanegra?

Anonymous said...

Do tell Mr Chambers, do tell !

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to all of them.

Lola Gets said...

I just finished "Casanegra" It was interesting.

Anonymous said...

Read the Patton book. Couldn't put it down. A real page turner and quite controversial. She's got a lot of balls to write the things she did

Unknown said...

This brother, Dax Devlon-Rox, has written a dynamic novel that I strongly recommend: