Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Countdown to ComiCon San Diego...and the End of Days

The march to the madness that is ComiCon has begun. What will the latest Hollywood invasion bring? Will anyone care about graphic novels when 50,000 geeks are dressed up like Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Wolverine and Mr. Spock? Another 25,000 are there to see the stars and the babes on G4 brought in to entice the geeks...about 25,000 are really there to enjoy the art and nothing else.
Check out me and Gary's The Darker Mask interview on the official site Pulse page. Our panel is 7/24.
Speaking of scary creatures and apocalypse, Rush Limbaugh's new ten year contract with Clear Channel (the other Goebbels-like rightwing network) is worth almost $400 million. Proving again that as many ignorant black folks were implicated in "Hard Times at Douglass High," multiply that by a thousand for the fraction of the total number of stupid white people in America.
Oh, and have a Happy July Fourth. Watch HBO's John Adams for the truth of that Philly scene...


Snowman said...

I am looking forward to your new work. However, I think your "stupid white people" missive was too much even for satire. I listen to Rush for entertainment purposes. Ultimately there should be a count of how many in his audience are there for that purpose. There's a hardcore of the so-called "Dittoheads," certainly, but for many of us it is not a question of being "right wing." There is literary nothing else on the radio unless you are a fan of Rap or the programmed pop music my granddaughter will download anyway.

Enjoy the 4th

Anonymous said...

Saw your interview in CC PULSE; will be there in San Diego to see your panel.