Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary in bloom

No matter what you think of her she nailed it tonight. She stuck a foot in Bush/Cheney/the GOP of the last 15 years' ass, shamed McCain and held a mirror up to her more maniacal supporters who've whispered about jumping from the Democratic ticket. I still think Barack will win by a hair, but the speech tonight was indeed reminiscent of FDR's endorsement of Al Smith at the 1930 Convention...


Lisa said...

Not willing to forgive her, Mark Penn and hubby all the way, but it was a great speech and did indeed focus on the enemy.

Anonymous said...

I think it was just what the Party needed. I see no problem with it, nor do I think she was playing to the crowd. I think it was genuine and she's trying for a legacy.

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82 Tiger Says:

Professor, I offer you the thought to think more strategically:

· She gives the party and public one of the best political speeches of her life
· She leaves many of her base supporters and others who have supported Obama asking: How can HE pass her over and not even have looked at her as a POSSIBLE VP choice?
· Her omission from VP consideration reminds many that the Obama campaign is short on having many women in power positions (sans for Michelle)
· She has her “devoted” husband far away in the stands mouthing her the words “I Love You” for the benefit of the TV camera audience
· She’ll have Billy give a rousing speech to again remind everyone of the loss to the Party and make many wonder why are WE Dems are sweeping these hugely successful political animals out of Party?
· Her speech while inspiring for Dems only told the party to support a Democratic Candidate not why to support Obama!
· She does not make a single pre-emptive strike against the soon forthcoming ads that have already started where she is quoted saying McCain is a better foreign policy choice to lead the U.S. (Just wait till her quote saying McCain has shown many years of distinguished leadership & service and Obama has delivered on great speech hits the air!!!)
· If that doesn’t suck wait till they dig up the same types of quotes from Bidden – Remember this is the same two faced guy who claimed in two separate speeches that: First he lobbied hard for his kid to attend Ol' Nassau; and second claimed he didn’t much care or like Tigertown when his kid did not get accepted!!!
· My bet is she’s doing just enough to look like a “good” Dem in that hope that Obama will fail and with McCain only being a one term Prez, she will have her desired turn in 2012

My advice is that the Dems stop with trying to create a GD love fest of party unity and start getting on with running a hardnosed campaign now!!!

Chicama Vineyard said...

It was good to see this tied together. My neighbor (a city councilman) is in Denver and said bth Hillary's and Bill's addresses electrified the hall. I am not so sure this stadium thing is a good idea, but Obama seems to be all about a new way, so I am not surprised. Next week is the real Nuremburg Rally, complete with invective, lies and plenty of flags.

Anonymous said...

SoCal is tongue in cheek or is he serious?