Monday, July 13, 2009

Kelly Miller Monday-Third Installment

Essay from 1909. Lots to extrapolate for 2009. And something in this for all points of view:

"Ridicule and contempt--both outward and within private conversations--have characterized the habitual attitude of the American mind toward the Negro's higher strivings...

A people who have made such sacrifice and run such risks for the sake of knowledge, who of their own scanty means were ever willing to support schools for the education of their children, although their property mad been taxed for the support of an educational system from which they were excluded, surely deserve a larger and fuller draught of that knowledge of which the regime of slavery permitted them to gain only a foretaste."


Lisa said...

Cool. You're right. Many people can take many meanings

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says:

Love reading the musings from the late Mr. Kelly. Would like to hear his take on what's become of today’s public education?

Funny & sad that a public institution designed and intended to help those who needed it most -
The poor and middle class of every color - are now the most likely victims of its impotency and general inability to teach children how to read, write, speak, or logically reason!

Look forward to the next post on Tuesday