Thursday, August 06, 2009

From the Retort in the Obama Joker face...

My piece from the Retort (many thanks to the Washington Post for the link to the Kennicott article). Enjoy and friggin' learn something.
Tomorrow stay tuned for Farai Chideya review and other books...


Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says

Professor Nat:

If every knock at the President and his policies is going to be dismissed or marginalized within the shrill rant of racism, your arguments will seriously lose creditability. Don’t forget 47% of the population did not agree with our President at the start of 2009. If his popularity is slipping that means more folks are now finding him NOT to be all that and a bag of chips…

Constantly pounding upon a singular note within your rants; that also happens to be one of the “3rd Rails” of American political discourse, only cheapens your use of the very word RACISM. If over time your repeated rants claim that racism explains everything, then the people you most want to positively respond with you from an appeal (READ: People Not Of Color), will become cynically dismissive of your pontifications much like the little boy who cried wolf too often…

It is interesting that at least among those in the LA media, the speculation runs high that the creator of this latest tiff may not be the typically expected middle-aged, white male, RNC loving wing-nut. Some are openly claiming that the creator is a disillusioned young-in who is fed up in seeing another politician turning out to be either an empty suit or “a transforming socialist wolf in sheep’s clothing”. You know - Not exactly living up to being the great unifier within post-racial America.

More interesting still is that this poster first appeared in the West Side of LA. - Home to scores of Hop Heads, Writers, Musicians, Actors and a whole host of entertainment industry types that where the backbone of the President’s support here in CA…. Not exactly the ground zero location of your fly-over red states!

ch555x said...

[lips smackin' against scars]Going off that image, I hope Obama brings his minions w/ clown masks and clears out these looney tunes running around...I'll assume Eric Holder is Two-Face and since McCain lost there's no BatMan around...[/lips smackin' against scars]

Lisa said...

@SoCal Tiger

I have been checking out Glenn Beck and Hannity seeing what they've ranting. Nat Turner's relayed article, along with the Washington Post's, is precisely on the mark in it's critique.

How far does it have to call--will calling him Nigger suffice, or shooting him? Your refuge behind relativsim is part of the response. It's no big deal. That is your pyschological way of dealing with it. I think that was the point of the article. You call it a "rant" when it clearly isn't. This again is part of the your conditioned response. I have seen rants and they are not from Nat Turner, or from defenders of Obama. They are coming from extremist Republicans on everything from Sotomayor to health care. One weirdo even said those two Asian women were expendable in North Korea. It makes Nat's and the Post's point for them, that Barack isn't even close to a Joker figure in menace. That is the "punchline" to the joke.

Pebbles Flintstone said...

Cosigning with you Lisa @ 1142pm.
I was looking at anti Obama protesters at a rally addressed by Rush Limbaugh, who just called Democrats Nazis. The crowd was ugly and racial epithets started flying, against even Michelle. I don't know what she has to do with health care.

Obama's death threats, per the Secret Secret (per Media Matters, August) are 400% above any other president.

I suppose that's the 47%, Socal?

Anonymous said...

"Why so serious?"

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says

Lisa & Pebbles... My point was to challenge Nat and the others ranters who too frequently see racism everywhere to better draw their lines or they will alienate the people they most want and need to win over... Politically moderate people want to the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not because they’ll being accused of being racist haters if they don’t agree lock step with the ranters on all issues.

Ranting to your base audience never converts those you most need to convert. It’s only preaching to your choir ... Haven’t you seen that it FAILED the Republicans in the 2008 go round???

Relentlessly calling or eluding that white folks from the vast middle of the America's political landscape are no different in actions or opinions to the tiny minority of purely evil racist trash in this country hurts the legitimacy of your arguments. Hence my reference to Nat sounding like the boy who too often cries wolf. It is simple human nature to know that no one ever wins the hearts and minds of others by holding them to a ridiculous litmus test that says if others do not walk lock step with your cause then they are just more racist haters like all of white America…

You can hate me for saying something you did not want to hear but that’s what you and many others in this country end up doing to many good folks in this country. Doubt that? Then forget race for a moment and please pick another issue – Go ahead; take guns, abortion, animal rights, or immigration. Now try having a position that does not fall in lock step with the kooks on either side of the issue and both sides will easily dismiss you as a traitor to their cause!

It’s a ridiculous place we’ve put all of us in because it makes it easy to say were all traitors to every cause from the kooks on both the right and left; and that seems to only them to control these discussions…

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My favorite quotes:

"...the joke could backfire. Recall younger audiences identified with the Joker. Batman was stiff, self-righteous, even hypocritical. Heath won an Oscar. Bale was shown up as crazy-ass bully. So riddle me that..."


"Comfort zones are as follows: black man as buffoon, rapper/criminal/athlete/Will Smith-Eddie Murphy wiseacre. Black man as safe daddy or cohort: Colin, Morgan, Dennis Haysbert or that dude with whom you shoot hoops before happy hour, or has the cubicle next to years, and is well spoken and slaps you five and talks about Lebron with you. Ah, better and more realistic: black man as allied coon--Clarence, Steele (Mike, not Lex!), Christie...and, sadly, Juan."

I love those! Juan as in Juan Williams I'm assuming.
Good job!!

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Black Dada Nihilismus (1964)

Please listen to A. Baraka

Hathor said...


Are you reading the same blog that I am? Nat Turner's Revenge?

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says:

Re: Hathor "Do I read"?

Yes I do, and the commentary from everyone who posts...

AND your point is what?

I dare not to walk in lock step with someone else?

I dare not disagree with people who are head nodding agreement over something I don't?

I dare not challenge some one I happen to respect to look at thinks a least a little differently?

If this is supposed to be only a blog of sycophants and yes men & women then I have the whole idea of this blog thing wrong - My Bad!!!

BUT if this is a blog that strives to be edgy and challenging to people then OMG I have found the right place!

Hathor said...


It is not that you disagree, it is that you assessment of Nat Turner doesn't jibe with mine.

You see I don't see the first two paragraphs of your 7:45pm comments to be true.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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