Monday, January 25, 2010

Stop the Overtime debate. The Vikings lost. Period.

Let's get one thing straight--I'm no Saints fan. They are vastly overrated. But...I wish folks would stop this endless debate over NFL sudden death overtime rules and coin tosses. One of my wingnut pals, who's blog you can access to the right, and who's GOP partisanship belies all of his libertarian, bootstrap let the chips fall jawboning, was quite upset. He wanted a rule change. An accommodation. Fairness. Well, here's what I said:

Look if you lose the coin toss, THEN PLAY SOME FRIGGIN'DEFENSE. Or how about just playing to win during regulation time! What--you want the game to last ten quarters? You sound like such a socialist "lets be fair/level the playing field at someone's expense Obama-ite whiner, Bwa hahahaha Please note I'm nowhere NEAR a Saints fan, but if anyone other than Brett Favre was on the losing end, no one would be having this silly debate."


ch555x said...

I still feel that the Vikes all but gave the game to the Saints and it shouldn't have ever went to overtime in the first place.

To be honest, I actually didn't mind the previous version of college football ties over the extra overtime periods. Sometimes, those kids will play until after midnight. Plus, they need a friggin' playoff and join the rest of the NCAA.

I also don't mind ties in the pros and the current system of overtime is fine with me. I've only seen a handful of ties in my life, both college and pros. You're not guaranteed a first-possession score in overtime, so "play to win the game!"

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Anonymous said...

Screw Favre

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