Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm stoked for the Surge!!!

Hey, don't call it an escalation. Don't call it an army of occupation comprised of redneck high school C- students and brothas and sistas and Hispanics who nothing else better to do. Forgive them for their training camp mantra of hunting "Hadjis" and "ragheads" and trying to spread the New Testament to Muslims. I'm true believer now. I LOVE the Surge.

Why? Look at the fine print to be unveiled tomorrow night: urban revitalization. Grants and low interest micro loans to small businesses and "underprivileged" start-ups. Increased scholarships to students to attend colleges and technical schools. Industry incubators to create jobs and skill-building. Better yet--quotas...not affirmative action...real quotas in government hiring, government contracts, access to capital, reconstruction and revitalization...LORDY LORDY LORDY...do we MINORITY types need to quit Detroit and the A-T-L and move to Iraq? Hell no, even though some of the GOP clowns who lost this Fall did say Baghdad was safer than most American cities. But we should all be stoked for the surge, and encourage the President and the GOP toadies in Congress to merely give us the same treatment as they wish for Iraq. Maybe even make it "safe" for us here. Maybe that's what New Orleans needs--a redneck/Playstation 3-hungry Army of Occupation, and micro loans. I feel beter already...


Snowman said...

You are blugdeoning us again with a blunt object. I say amen to your expounding on the President's hypocrisy and perfidy, but you didn't need to defame our enlisted personnel to do it, Chris. I do, however, try to walk a few steps in your shoes when you opine. I will say that what you speak of only represents a snapshot of our young people. Yes, some "have nothing better to do" but most feel they are doing their duty as patriots.

The same is true, in my opinion, for officers in all branches, even mine, older than the Navy and Marines: the United States Coast Guard.

Now go and sin no more "young" man!

Liz Dwyer said...

I see a whole lot of poor kids every day that sure could use a scholarship to college or trade school.

We're really good at doing things this way. Same thing when you look at how people in prison get medical care but too bad for them if they're not locked up.

Unfortunately, our brothers and sisters in Iraq, they only get these quotas and revitalization because they're sitting on a bunch of oil, not because it's the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the issue as who is in the military and whu they are there. That debate would be over with a draft.

The real issue Chris was teasing on was how the right wing is so quick to give people in Iraq and Afghanistan things they wouldn't dream of doing for our citizens. The joke here is that those folks can't stand us--but they want the goodies. It's as hypocritical as the people who oppose the minimum wage rise but yell about too many Mexicans coming here. Maybe if Americans got a decent wage we have these folk running across the border?

Anonymous said...

I will give Chris a pass because my wife's bookclub swears by him. :)

As for the surge/escalation/addition or whatever doublespeak that is being used, is this obdurancy from the President or from people around him like the VP, or Rice? I think it's time Colin Powell ceases being the "good soldier" with this muted, oblique criticism, and says what's on his mind. Everyone who knows him knows what he'll say. How about taking those extra 20K men and putting them in Afghanistan to go after Bin Laden? How about using them as peacekeepers in the West Bank, or rescuing starving people from the Sudan? Or we could use them here to build a new subway so my commute into Indy isn't 2 freaking hours!

PS Chris upon your recommendation I bought Hannibal Rising and it was terrible. No offense to your mentor Mr. Harris, but he is phoning-in his books now, like James Patterson and born-again liberal John Grisham. Maybe your hero James Webb will write a new one!

Take care, and GO COLTS!!! (sorry, Chris)