Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coming tomorrow--Peter Schmidt!

Interview with educator and author Peter Schmidt: Color and Money. Thursday October 18th!!!

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Ananda said...

Hi Brothalove Chris. I just saw your Youtube video on Felicia Pride's web site. You spoke with truth and convinction that I needed to hear. Thank you for putting the truth out there for everyone to hear. I affirm it. Your truth affirms why I chose to self-publish my literary fiction which is rooted in the words of our beloved Lorraine Hansberry. I truly enjoyed your "dinner and dessert" discussion. I think that African Americans are in need of embracing a literary menu that enjoys nine or more courses of genre. Variety and balance are the spices of life. Thanks for bringing literary fiction back. Bon Literary Appetit! Peace and Creativity, Ananda

PS: I bookmarked your blog and will be back for more literary entrees....