Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nat Turner's back and in control

Sorry for the hiatus--travel (was up in Philly at U Penn and hung out with bestselling author Leslie "LA" Banks--musing on elections and the poor state of music, literature and love), house hunting.
LA Banks will be at Comic Con in July and Harlem Book Fair so check us both out. Speaking of Comic Con & comics, stay tuned for my interviews with Gary Phillips and of course Philly native Mat Johnson.

P.S. I was in 30th Street Station, Philadelphia (setting for my second novel, as fans know) and I noticed an old black women, Bible on her knee, banged-up suitcase and stuffed paper bag at her feet, watching Fox News on an overhead monitor. Laura Ingraham (is she an actual journalist?) was on braying about Obama, then Nancy Reagan...who knows? Anyway I swear this old lady clucked her tongue and said "Why don't someone at that channel slap the taste out that bitch's mouth? Ain't nobody on that station got no sense, or ain't mean 'n shady?" That made my crowded, late Amtrak ride home a little bearable. By the way, catch Rolling Stone's piece on Chris Rock this month.


Anonymous said...

"Barack has a handicap the other candidates don't have: Barack Obama has a black wife. And I don't think a black woman can be first lady of the United States. Yeah, I said it! "A black woman can be president, no problem. First lady? Can't do it. You know why? Because a black woman cannot play the background of a relationship. Just imagine telling your black wife that you're president? 'Honey, I did it! I won! I'm the president.' 'No, we the president! And I want my girlfriends in the Cabinet! I want Kiki to be secretary of state! She can fight!'"

This shit right here makes my blood boil. More attacks on BW in the MSM. Does he really believe that Michelle would want any of her girlfriends to be in her husband's cabinet?

If anything, black male politicians are the ones who employ all their boys as soon as they elected to office!

Michelle has girlfriends named Kiki? Yeah fuckin right!

Yeah, Michelle wants all the spotlight and won't be able to handle his success, that's why she dropped EVERYTHING to support her husband, cause she wants to be in charge.

I wish brothers would THINK before they make idiotic statements like this.

If anything BW sacrifice too much to stand by their men (even if they happen to fall by the wayside into downlow activities, cheating, lying, wife-beating men and God knows what else), giving them chance after chance, forgiving almost every transgression at the expense of her own health and happiness to stand by our men!

This is why, as Oprah said, BW must think for themselves because even if they lose everything and stand by their men, brothers will insist that they want the spotlight.

Shit, BW are damn near invisible in America. Malaak should slap the taste out of HIS mouth.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Oprah said that and supported Obama.

Lisa said...

I saw that--Rolling Stone? Chris Rock? I thought he was being satirical and amusing, not literal!

Is that a picture of you?

Anonymous said...

I SAW you at Penn and it was VERY snarky of you to rock your Princeton tie and remind us of it! You are a bad boy.
Still your presentation was entertaining and enlightening. I wish conservatives would take a lesson from people like you on the other side--wherein you give your opinion but are not a crazy person or contrarian, or neo-fascist. How did things get this way?

I am also looking forward to The Darker Mask.

Snowman said...

I am back to your blog. I didn't like the coarse example but I cannot stand Fox these days. There is not even the pretense of journalism and objectivity. It is something frightening.

Anonymous said...

Gary Phillips has a new work out other than your collaboration? What's the title?