Saturday, August 16, 2008

48 Hours...The Darker Mask descends on you!

Tor/Macmillan announces coming of THE DARKER MASK August 18, 2008. See the San Diego Comic Con interview with Prof. Christopher A. Chambers and Gary Phillips at . Available at bookstores and online. Booclubs contact
The Darker Mask, Christopher Chambers and Gary Phillips, (Tor, 2008) ISBN-13: 978-0765318503 (hardcover), 978-0765318510 (trade paper) Featuring original artwork by Marvel, DC/Vertigo and Newsday illustrators Sean Wang, Shawn Martinbrough, Jeff Fisher and Brian Hurtt. Original stories by Walter Mosley, Tananarive Due, Lorenzo "Sleepers" Carcaterra, Alexandra Sokoloff, "LA" Banks, Naomi Hirahara, Mat Johnson, Victor LaValle, Reed Farrel Coleman, Peter Speigelman, Ann Nocenti, the late Jerry Rodriguez, Chambers & Phillips

Can forgotten, ignored, reviled or weak people like heroin addicts, tattoo artists, lonely wrinkled old women, Darfur refugees or maids be Superheroes? Are Superheroes always in costume, always buff? Always conflicted rich white boys or cheerleaders? Aw, you know the answer...

"Why’re you reading this blurb? Carcaterra, Mosley, tough, juicy stories... What else you need? This is the good stuff. Pay for the damn thing already."--Brad Meltzer New York Times bestselling suspense and graphic novel author

"This collection of smart and raw stories out marvels Marvel and makes me want to strip down to my inner tights. “The Darker Mask” cuts superhero mythology to the bone; leaving neither the characters nor the reader invulnerable to its mesmerizing power."
--Tom Fontana, Emmy-winning Writer/Producer of HBO's "Oz," NBC's "Homicide: Life on the Street," and NBC's new hit "The Philanthropist."

"Intriguing, entertaining and cutting edge!"
--Zane, New York Times bestselling author


Anonymous said...


Pre-ordered on Amazon and my wife's book club is choosing for October. See you Virginia...

Snowman said...

Don't forget us in Annapolis. The store ordered 3 soft cover copies.

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

... our stuff is more visceral, gritty. Not necessarily happy or heroic endings because our “heroes”—and you can see it in the artwork—are not happy or heroic people. More like real life!

You win my interest!

The last comic I read is an old issue of Heavy Metal [from 77], I download [criminally] from the web!

blame love!

Anonymous said...

Victor LaValle's in this? Wonderful!

Met LA Banks in Atlanta. I think you have a winner here.

Lisa said...


Kristopher Militant Mosby said...

Just picked up a copy today.
BTW, super artist Mshindo Kuumba just completed a montage featuring the largest gathering of Black Superheroes EVER!
Check it out: