Sunday, December 21, 2008

Forget "The Spirit", Christmas Post Roaring in soon...

I know it's de rigeur to suck up to the fanboy and geek population--as seen at San Diego Comic Con back in July when we promo'd The Darker Mask. But come on. The word for this Sunday before Christmas is Saturation. Fitting. But not fitting from Frank Miller. We have "Sin City Lite" in this iteration of The Spirit. Sorry. Look the only reason I don't just shrug this crap away is yes, because of Miller, and Will Eisner. Eisner, being pioneer, icon, immortal. Those aren't hackneyed descriptions when it comes to Eisner. Period. Feels icky he's being exploited. Yeah, exploited. Oh well, such is the entertainment biz we have wraught.



Anonymous said...

I was at the screening with you and I could see your face contorted or your mouth open--and it wasn't over Eva M. I disagree with you about sucking up to "fanboys," as well as the global quality of this film. But I feel you, Chris, no lie. Particularly about what Eisner would make of all this if you got him behind closed doors. This hype and "saturation," as you call it, is not Miller's fault. But Miller's bought into it.

Merry Christmas dude and best the whole Chambers crew!

Lisa said...

I know it's not out until Thursday but can you give some specifics without spoiling it?

Samuel L Jackson seems to be wrecking his serious career and has now become a cartoon literally. I saw the Spirit and Scarlett Johanssen in an indie movie with John Travolta--aren't they romantically linked?

By saturation do you mean superheroes everywhere? "Mean and mysterious, conflicted?" hehehehe And white?

I'm anticipating the Christmas post. Nothing crazy like your boy Jimi Izrael, please!

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Did you like 300?
I find it Racist, and it is one of the worst movies I saw! .

Anonymous said...

I believe that the Spirit is a prequel to highly anticipated better Sci-Fi/Action fare...the Watchmen, Star Trek, and The Road!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there was a racist element to 300, but you going to see alot of that type of bullshit and undercurrent in films, these White Boys, know that their time is up, and they are scrambling, and attempting to legitimize White Supremacy!