Friday, December 05, 2008

New Free Comics

Just a pleasant distraction for Friday...

New on DC's Zuda (click) online comics (see my November 22 post on the groundbreaking historical-fantasy African American comic "Bayou" click here ): Tri-boro Tales by Chuck Collins and Keith Miller. New Yawkahs--be you nuyorican, negro, numbskull guinea or nose-hooked member of the Tribe--will like this. Not lil' kid appropriate (as with Bayou) but I'd say 16 and above is safe. Art and narrative are seemless; a nice story of life in the non-Sex and City, regular folk Big Apple. Urban geeks, really--Gabe, Suga, Sean & Phatdawg. You don't have to be a strap-hanger to enjoy it. And, like the groundbreaking Bayou, it's free!


Anonymous said...

I read Bayou at your suggestion and yes it was a little Pan's Labyrinth meets Jim Crow and a bit of Rosewood, for anyone who needs that kind of Hollywood style reference. I loved it and so did my daughter, who is twelve and I trust her with such material. Why isn't this material in print? The material that's out there now is very lurid, silly.

I left you a comment on your old Barack's not Black post.

Anonymous said...

I love it.