Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wingnut attacks Eric Holder. And?

I'd left the comment below on sibling blog ('cause we're all related, really) Jack and Jill Politics (click on the right sidebar Blog List). It was in response to a post today outlining wingnut columnist Richard Cohen's screed in the Washington Post expounding why the Senate Judiciary Committee should not confirm brotha Eric Holder as attorney general of the USA. Cohen asserts the coffin moment was Holder's honchoing the pardon of douchebag Mark Rich by equal douchebag Bill Clinton (also implying that Holder knows where other Clinton and my ex-boss Janet Reno figurative bodies are buried). Here's what Nat declared, fan boys and girls. It's safer over here as I only have the trickle of fanatical Kool Aid drinking Obamaholics (Field Negro's nomenclature) as the crew Rikryah, Christian Progressive Liberal & Co. entertains. What are your thoughts?
As a USDOJ mule back in the go-go 90s I can tell you yeah, the Rich thing, plus a whole lotta of other Clinton watercarrying, is troublesome for Holder, but no--when compared to Alberto and buffoonish John Ashcroft, it's a drop in the bucket. Holder's like the black dude in the
white political machine in the old flick "The Last Hurrah." Like a bag
man for Harlem. Would that make him a bad attorney general. Not really. Again,
not compared to the hacks and morons who've held that position.
My point is that we need a GREAT AG. A leader. Creative. Inspiring. Protecting the consumer again, ensuring the cleansing of markets without hiding behind "market ideology," protecting our kids and our wallets on the Net, fighting corrupt politicos and drug dealers alike. Putting oncentrations of power and money on blast (and you see what happened when we didn't, and there's still no accounting of the TARP meant to clean up the mess). Prosecuting pollutors, smugglers of contraband and of human beings. Locking up terrorists--including the home grown
McVeighs who seem to congregagte in Wissila, Alaska LOL. A Bobby Kennedy. A Nicholas Katzenbach. A Ramsey Clarke, a Charles Bonaparte who took his boss Teddy Roosevelt's lead and went after Standard Oil and the railroads. Eric Holder's a bureaucrat and insider. He'd be "okay." We can't afford just "okay." We need great. Imaginative. Bold.
There are dozens of black folks out there in firms, federal and state gov't, public service programs and in the judiciary now who could fill that role. But Barack wants to go for
safe and ok. Ok, then...
P.S.--the give away here--that Specter, Grassley et al are not bowing to the radio freakazoids
and folk like Cohen, the wingnut bloggers. Why? Because they know Holder will just be "okay."
Plain. Safe...


Hathor said...

God I'm getting old! Odetta's dead and I'm thinking whose next. Like the old ladies I use to hear sitting on the porch.

Lisa said...

True that on Odetta and who's next!

And thanks for this on Holder. I have been waiting for you to clarify that you are not hating on the man, just that, as is my opinion, he is too much of a metaphor for this strange logic of Barack's Cabinet picks.

But you NEED to stop insinuating we are HENS obsessed with Michelle's "couture" on Black!!


Anonymous said...

I have never even heard of this guy. Is he from Washington, DC?

What do you think of the Random House layoffs?

Knute Rife said...

OK, here's the $64 question: Who's a better pick than Holder? Unlike some people, I'm still practicing this profession, and I'm not seeing a Kennedy, a Katzenbach, or a Clarke. I see water-carriers and bagmen.

As for Odetta, no the little twonks neither know nor care. Sitting there listening to her sing "Hold On" was an epiphany. The next generation is creating a new culture for its brave new world, but how much will it be worth if someone like Odetta is nothing but an irrelevant phantom?

Anonymous said...

This is the rich context of the right. They have an educated black man to hate, Bill Clinton to blame, and a questionable pardon to shriek about. Like Hannibal Lechter being left on a deserted island with a team of cheerleaders, they think they died and are in heaven. Will be limewiring Odetta for the ipod, legally of course.

Anonymous said...

Very good post. I don't agree with some of it but you have raised decent points on Obama playing it "safe." I agree there is a lot of "water carrying" in Washington, but many of the people you mentioned where from outside Washington or worked on the Hill like RFK.

Anonymous said...

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