Thursday, April 16, 2009

Only in America can a Dog Upstage a President

Jeez. You had Checkers (OK, Nixon was VP but so?). Fala, the Scottie who belonged to FDR, is now cast in metal at the FDR Memorial (Fala's statue is the size of baby triceratops). LBJ had "Little Beagle Johnson." Yes, Johnson had ego issues ("LBJ" for the dog's name, too?)...yes, he held the dog up by his ears...yes, there was a public, LBJ didn't give a damn about that! Other presidents had hounds of every species and temperment. Then comes Bo. In a 24 hour news cycle, this fluff gets bigtime ratings. Something Kennedy-esque about this.


Lisa said...

You are like Ebeneezer Scrooge!! Let the pooch be a super star!!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the usual rightwing sickos didn't say he should have gotten a mixed breed mutt. Or did they behind closed doors?

Anonymous said...

I love this! Let the Obama girls have their puppy, and let the puppy be just as lovable as the rest of the Obamas!

rikyrah said...


You sound like me. I'm not a pet person, but I have to admit: I loved the pictures. They looked, sigh, admit it,

' The All-American Family'.

They are a good looking First Family - aesthetically speaking. They are so damn photogenic, and now have a photogenic dog too.

Anonymous said...

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