Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another Warm, Wet Christmas...

Could this tool here (Big Al) be right? Winter seems different now. Certainly not like when I was kid, and I didn't grow up in Minnesota or Lapland. Summer's a bit crazier too. Hotter, more violent storms. I'm not a big Gore fan or Joe conspiracy theorist, nor do I currently hug trees, pimp tie-die or wear Birkenstocks (OK only in the summer, and never with wool socks!). But golly, is it possible that greed and myopathy may be screwing this planet? The planet will rise to kick our asses sooner or later. Oh well, something to ponder as you sit under the tree with everything around you made in our loving ally, China, Wal-Mart offers you those low low prices (whilst Ma & Pa Main Street America dies and is replaced with immigrant bodegas) and Darfur bleeds (and China props up the Sudanese government).

Ho Ho Ho Bee-ches! Talk at you on 12/28/06.


Anonymous said...

And a Bah Humbug to you too! LOL

Those Glenn Beck and Fox News tribesmen would say, "A warm wet Christmas in Denver? How about that?" That's the easy retort I'm sure, ignoring the fact that freak weather is part of the scenario.

Do they think their gated communities, coupons and dividends on their inheritances, or the gods of NASCAR, are going to protect them from bad ass Mother Earth? Apparently so.

On the real, Chaz--have a Merry, Merry despite yourself. Looking forward to more reading in 07 and let's hang when you grace the Bay Area again.


LCW and your fans in Oaktown

Snowman said...

I appreciate this phrase "nor do I currently hug trees, pimp tie-die."

Happy Holidays, sir.

Liz Dwyer said...

You have a wonderful day tomorrow. it even possible to buy a present not made in China these days?