Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some bits of lunacy from the Nation's Capital...

1. Fill'er-up with leaded, please...
EPA May Drop Lead Air Pollution Limits By JOHN HEILPRIN, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON - The Bush administration is considering doing away with health standards that cut lead from gasoline, widely regarded as one of the nation's biggest clean-air accomplishments.
Battery makers, lead smelters, refiners all have lobbied the administration to do away with the Clean Air Act limits.

Um...and they come up with this a month before the Democrats take over? That's almost as pathetic as watching the right wingers deal with this next bit of news--

2. And Bill O'Reilley, Rev. James Dobson and the staff of the National Review were fighting over who'd be the sperm donor.
Groups Mixed on Mary Cheney's Pregnancy By DAVID CRARY, AP National Writer
WASHINGTON - Conservative leaders voiced dismay Wednesday at news that Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney, is pregnant, while a gay-rights group said the vice president faces "a lifetime of sleepless nights" for serving in an administration that has opposed recognition of same-sex couples.
Mary Cheney, 37, and her partner of 15 years, Heather Poe, 45, are expecting a baby in late spring, said Lea Anne McBride, a spokeswoman for the vice president.
"The vice president and Mrs. Cheney are looking forward with eager anticipation" to the arrival of their sixth grandchild, McBride said.

Oh, the hypocrisy was knee deep here. Remarkably quiet, too, in the fascist blogosphere and on talk radio...more so than even during the Foley mess or this right wing preacher who drops "E" and has a penchant for gay backrubs! I'm loving it. These two don't have a reconizable partnership in the state of Virginia, and the Cheney grandchild, well, what's the legal status of that kid other than the child of a single mom. Mary Cheney is to be lauded for family loyalty and not showing her dad up for the turd that he is, but hey...


Anonymous said...

The timing with the EPA stuff is silly to say the least. Bad air travels to gated Republican communities too!

This Mary Cheney thing should open folks' eyes, but the "true believers" will keep downplaying it. The thing that would send me dancing in the street is if the sperm donor was a brotha. LOL

Snowman said...

I have usually parted company with friends who are Republicans (I am an Independent) over environmental issues. Gutting the Clean Air Act has never made any sense to me. It always seems to be a lobbying and greed issue and not a well-being- of-the-people issue. You don't have to be a radical "green party" member to see this.

Anonymous said...

Quiet on the right--what the hell did you expect from these shitheels?

Anonymous said...

John Heilprin of the Associated Press did a fine job of misquoting and mis-characterizing the EPA document. The actual sentence in the document reads:

"Given the significantly changed circumstances since Pb was listed in 1976, we will evaluate the status of Pb as a criteria pollutant in light of currently available information and assess whether revocation of the standard is an appropriate option for the Administrator to consider."

They also didn't make any recommendations or conclusions because this is the first report from an ongoing study.

Why do the study in the first place? Because the EPA is required by law to review each pollutant on the National Ambient Air Quality Standards every five years.

Also, the study has nothing to do with bans on lead in gasoline.

Take off the tin foil hats, folks.

Anonymous said...

So Mr/Ms/Mrs indespensible destiny--no worries? We should just sit back and be glad the EPA is diligently protecting us? I feel so stupid. I feel like I have been taken by the dope smoking hippies and greenies! I should have trusted these industries in the first place and not sweated this stuff. We probably didn't even need a Clean Air Act, or a Clean Water Act!

I will sleep better tonight, and thank you for the missive about the gas. That's most valuable info of all. I don't think we'll ever have to worry about the government caving into oil companies and oil refiners!