Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day

You do what you must. I will find my inner Nat. And I don't mean vis. race baiting. That's McCain's dilly. That's the pandora's box he opened by giving Sarah Palin the limelight. That's not the McCain I supported in 2000. He's dead. He has deluded himslef into thinking he can lead a nation through this shifting universe of the 21st Century by pandering to ignorance, fear, what's comfortable to a minority of Americans who've been conditioned by Pavlov's dog to the flag and cross (the analog of mindless Islamic extremists). Barack didn't run a cagey campaign; naive or stupid mistakes were made. But he says believe in me, and I'll lead. Not to hell with the other guy. Not they are traitors, unworthy.
Now we raise cutlass and musket, figuratively, to show that this old America must die if America must endure undivided as in 1861, or with the Roman Empire, splitting into moribund West and vibrant Byzantine East. No. Now we stand and be counted, and say "enough." Vote. Demand your time off to do so--even if the Wal Mart managers and the Diebold machines are stacked against you. Put Barack in and let's see what he can do. Let's invest. Let's rebuild and explore. We have no choice...


Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

I knew you are RED, by reading yr comment on Georgia-Russia flirt!
So what?!

Georgia was the attacker by the way.

Old Clint is J. Wayne wanna be?
Hope i am JUMPING ...

Why blame Palin?
She was invited, she playing SERIOUSLY the unfolded game.
Hell she was booked to!
McCain is a Crock!, I doubt he wasn't back then.

All the things we conquer in life BOWS to ones moral architecture, and that man's principles are damn dirty!

Anonymous said...

Cutlass and musket. Love that imagery. Barack is the buttoned-down negro that these fools always said we should present, and they want to destroy him. Indeed that has caused a lot of soul searching among black conservatives or at least the more thoughtful ones, rather than basket cases like Clarence Thomas.

Knute Rife said...

What do you mean "figuratively"? I have an Obama sign out in one of the reddest neighborhoods in the reddest state, and our guns will be at hand tomorrow night. Because when Obama wins tomorrow night, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the crackers in this cracker factory went all apocalyptic. Even if they don't go for us, they may go for the Iranian couple next door, and that ain't happening on my watch. Not like you can count on the cops here for anything.


Hey there! IS November 4th and by the time we all go to bed today....we will be calling this the UNITED STATES OF OBAMA where the White House is all black....all the time!!



Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

White house is NOT a figurative NAME.
Obama's cornered demonstrated HOW dignified HE is.

Reason WHY I avoid callin' people Black and White, BOTH are political construct.

So White house with Obama will ALWAYS be [no reason for him to deviate - after the probation ] Whiter than Bush's WH.!

Anonymous said...

There's always a choice.

Anonymous said...

...can't wait until tomorrow!