Thursday, November 06, 2008

RIP Michael Crichton

From the Andromeda Strain to Jurassic Park and every in between and since--a master. Not pulp. Not resting on laurels and phoning-in best sellers. This man invented a genre. Asked us to care about the future beyond our on selfish needs. Dr. Michael Crichton, MD. As with too many authors, actors, intellectuals we've lost this year, the industry won't develop anyone of comparable talent to replace them. But hey, many Americans these days are too stupid to comprehend the classics anyway.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go as far as to say too stupid. Perhaps too time pressed and not as trained to really embrace his stuff. Which of course is weird because his books that were made into movies are big sellers on cable and in DVD rentals.

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says

Professor, I could not agree more with your sentiments re: the late Dr. M.C.!
While many movies crafted from his books such as: The Andromeda Strain (The Original NOT that MFTV SHEYAT!) Coma, Jurassic Park, Rising Sun, & Disclosure are well made enjoyable movies; they will never match the skillful power and imagery of his written words.

Because of a strong science background, his works were often technically savvy but without being dreary. That said still I believe his greatest skill was to take subject matter that might be difficult and/or controversial and present them in a compelling story to a reader that was both easy to follow, understand, AND create opportunities for his readers and critics to engage in serious thought and discussion concerning all sides of the issues within the story. He was a writer who was somewhat skeptical of pop culture, political correctness, & conventional wisdom; and I suspect that often put him at odds with lesser politically correct minds (and even fellow writers) that spoke of the same issues he wrote of but with far less talent, skill, and intelligence!

Rest In Peace & Thank You Dr. M.C.!

Polilla said...

Another point of view: Michael Crichton dies

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

He was also a preacher.
Was veery aware that science is all about ego.