Monday, December 15, 2008

Media Round-up Part II: Gwen Ifill's not qualified for THIS?

This is courtesy of Aunt Jemima's Revenge. Old news, but smilin', clean David Shuster, he of pimpin' Chelsea fame, becomes host of the newest iteration of TV journalism shift into Ringling Bros. As you know, David Gregory's now the mayor of Meet The Press. Empty chair vacated by one toon means opportunity for an increasingly stupid set of network masters to pander to an increasingly stupid public and fill the seat guessed it...another toon. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is MSNBC's "hard hitting, analytical news program" covering the White House. Of course there are folks like bloffer Paul Levinson who think it's peachy. Really? Here are your choices. The cliche of network news, the Dancing With the Stars/reality TV sensibilities of CNN/Headline News and MSNBC, and the wingnut drool of Fox. NPR and PBS you ask? Recall, NPR is cancelling shows and laying-off real journalists. Nobody watches Jim Lehrer except during Presidential debates (but Sesame Street's still on). But hey, there's always John Stewart. Oh and that's Shuster with his young wife--"rising star Julianna Goldman" from Bloomberg Television. Wifey, if you know, was outraged with NBC's suspension of Shuster for his Chelsea comment (reportedly Tim Russert was among those cross with Shuster) and was using her influence with the Tribe to get hubby a gig at Bloomberg. But hey, all's forgotten and forgiven, and he's now front and center on this "news program."

One nugget from MSNBC (yes I'm a hypocrite): the CEO mega-salary protections of the bailout, well, in a last gasp of W/Cheney, we see executive paychecks are sacrosanct. Regular folks' jobs aren't.


Anonymous said...

I think you hit it on Aunt Jemmima's Revenge: this shit is beneath Gwen Ifill. Even if they hired her for it, the format and the stupidity would keep her from raising the discorse to a higher level.

Chicama Vineyard said...

I agree with you only as to Shuster totally disqualifying himself with the terrible and Imus-esque comment he made on Cheslea Clinton. Otherwise, the program is insightful and informative--at leats with John Gregory.
Moreover, I not nothing, not even Chris Matthews, which would force me to switch to Fox News. That would mean icicles in Hell, darlin'.

Christopher Chambers said...

Chicama my southern belle: I'm not prefering Fox over MSNBC. I'm just pointing out that our intelligent choices are SEVERELY circumscribed.
Indeed with respect to the Blagojevich scandal I'd say Fox (with the exception of Hannity and O'Reilley) has been fairly responsible.

Anonymous said...

I saw the bailout loophole in the Washington Post. Is anyone in the public paying attention?

Knute Rife said...

Yes, I saw that from the start, and I was shocked, SHOCKED. Of course, I don't qualify as "public" because, well, I can read.

I love the headline: Executive pay limits may prove toothless. May. And ursines may defecate in arboreal regions. Way to go WaPo.

Anonymous said...

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