Saturday, December 06, 2008

Zimbabwe analogy

Proudly, dictator Robert Mugabe's finance stooge reveals the brand new $200 Million bill. Check it out here. Now, over here Congressman William Jefferson is trying to win re-election. Hip Hop Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is still grumbling how he didn't do nuthin wrong. Then there's Sharpe James...oh and Marion Barry's hanging in there. The jury's still out (figuratively...phew...don't trip!) on Madame Mayor Sheila Dixon in Baltimore. Of course African strongmen and African American crooks/demagogues didn't coin the phrase "L'etat est moi." That was Louis XIV of France. Sadly, the only way these clowns stay in power is by telling us the alternative is the evil white man (and yeah, they are evil--be they multinationals, colonial powers, Republicans, Palin, Limbaugh. Perfect dueling straw men, as they use us in return). A sick see saw, a sad game.
Thank God we are creating a new paradigm with folk like Derval Patrick, Adrian Fenty, Corey Booker...and the new President of the United States. Oh yeah there will always be fools who'll pine for Marion Barry or the return of Jesse, Sr. or remembrances of Mugabe the "Liberator." They'll die off eventually. But I worry about the youngsters (see my post on nihilism).


Anonymous said...

You forgot the mayor of Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

This also leaves us open to Republicans taking over, and these leaders back us into a corner.

Anonymous said...

Jefferson lost. See this
to back up my points.


Hello there,

Mugabe is even more arrogant than Amin!

I am not sure that blacks are creating the NEW paradigm because there wasn't a SIGNIFICANT increase in black voters during the Obama campaign, in spite numerous "Barack the Vote" initiatives throughout the country. There were still a sizeable percentage of blacks who did not register AND those were were registered and did not make it to the polls.

We have a lot of work to do in terms of our ACTIVE engagement in the political process.

Lisa said...

Well you are blaspheming against some of our more beloved leaders. I suppose it is not possible to be "cleaner" than the average white candidate or Vietnames (hehehe) but you can be realistic and disciplined as Barack!. Barack created a new political reality by by-passing the Jeffersons out there.
And if memory serves me, somebody did challenge Jefferson but she was too "elitist" and "lightskinned." So we cut off our noses to spite our faces. That is the lesson of Mugabe and of old school black politicians in America. But how do you explain Kwame?

Anonymous said...

SoCal 82Tiger Says:

Professor -

All it says to me is that it’s not (never) just about color it's about character... Get over the base appeals to tribal nonsense or appeals to the lowest parts of our human character! Start doing a better job picking your leaders – AND DON’T succumb to treating it like a tribal - popularity contest.

Do we pick our friends because they always tell you what we want to hear? If so we don’t have friends we have nothing but yes men & women and sycophants surrounding us …

Leaders like friends should be respected, appreciated, and yes even adored & loved because they tell us (and not always kindly) the truth of what we need to hear, and not feed into our fantasies of telling us what we want to hear.

I am for the moment optimistic because Obama reminds us that when you give people the choice of a leader who is of apparent good strong character people will flock to him or her regardless of color. Obama’s “blackness” did not get him elected- HE was elected because people believed in him, and his character & temperament was seen as the better choice to lead this country.

I never agreed with most of Obama’s policy positions (for that matter I didn't agree with many of McCain’s either – See Libertarian). BUT, I found Obama to be, for lack of a better word “Presidential” in dealing with the campaign and the American people. Now that Obama is working to assume office in 2009 I am pleasantly surprised that along with his character and temperament he also is pragmatic. I know he has not yet completed day 1 in office, but if he remains as strong in character as he has shown us so far, WE may have stumbled upon a President that both wingnuts on the left and right will despise while the vast majority of us in the center right and center left will respect AND possible adore…

Truthfully political leadership in this country has falling into the crapper since the 1960’s. Getting to speak the plain truth about anything is not only beyond dull it’s non-existent… To borrow a line from The American President - In politics people are so thirsty they're willing to drink sand thinking its water... The cynics among us say it is because they-we don’t know the difference. If so then the key for our future is for all of us is to learn to be better at knowing whose water and whose sand!!!

ch555x said...

I hope for the best for Zimbabwae, but they need to get their stuff together, conspiracy theories withstanding.

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Well, like Iraq before the criminal attack, Zimbabwe is under an economic sanction.

Why an economic sanction?
Can you explain why?

(I am sure you cannot!, but i'll give ? signal anyway)

Isn't it criminal to apply the sanction, THX also to your future sec. of state Clinton, and THEN wait for the country to implode?
An african country?
Then to achieve spastic orgasms with the famine carcasses of africans on TV?

Sometimes I wonder why afro-americans ARE so ignorant regarding Africa relations with Europe?
Remember the war in Chad few month ago, and how the French's soldiers rushed to keep the mad man in power?

The Zimbabwe crisis was created by Tony Blair, UK just refused to honor what it signed (Lancaster treaty - Google about), and do you know what was the reason for NOT to honor what they signed?
Please google about! (Again Please)

@ blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogsp

Is telling the Brits to go F**** themselves arrogance?
Do you know that it was the UK and Israel that placed Amin ass in power?

OH! I forget that you ARE part of the west!

@ch555x wrote:
... conspiracy theories withstanding

They DO not care about the Africans, they might die at thousands.
Until the WEST get rid of Mugabe (that is an ignorant by not anticipating the EVIL manipulations of the WEST Free press), the puppets inside will HELP tore down the country!

So for in the END the Brits the land to keep!
... And to scream -- I tell you so Africans cannot rule their own country.

By the way Haiti?

Do you CARE?
Europeans do CARE for their ilk.
Forgot, you are BLACKs not Africans!

(sorry for my bad English)