Monday, December 28, 2009

Pop Shrink analysis of Obama?


Knute Rife said...

Michelle Obama vs. Sarah Palin. A cage match between the two forces fighting for America's soul. And unlike her husband, I think Michelle may actually have some fire in her belly.

And that may be the center of Barack Obama's problem. Say what you want about Slick and Shrubya, they always projected the impression that you could sit down over a pitcher of beer with them and have some laughs. Obama is so buttoned-down that if he were reincarnated some day as a Vulcan, he'd have to loosen up to do it. He doesn't act like the charismatic leader who will get down in the street to lead the parade; he acts like the detached wonk who stands on the balcony or the hill and beckons from a distance. He doesn't act like FDR or Kennedy; he acts like Hoover or (insert irony here) Wilson.

Don't leave Thomas Sowell off your list.

Oh, and I know at least one white population that expressed open contempt for Imus. Vivian Stringer still has a lot of fans in Eastern Iowa who don't tolerate any bad-mouthing of anything she's involved with.

rikyrah said...

interesting clip, Chambers.

Anonymous said...

The audio and video aren't sych'd. Interesting points. I thought it all was going to be bullshit but some of it made sense.