Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Black Snake Moan

Somebody please comment! Somebody tell me I'm not dreaming? Somebody buy me tickets. hahaha. Sam Jackson's career will rebound nicely after Snakes on a Plane. Damn did Christina Ricci de-flate or what? Still's hot, though. An interesting casting move would have been to use Lindsay Lohan playing a redneck junkie chick chained up by an old black man.

Enjoy...or wince.


Chicama Vineyard said...

I will wince rather than enjoy. This is a stereotype of everyone from the south, whether African American or white. I don't understand why you would fawn over Christina Ricci. I am looking forward to more discussions of your work or more book reviews. ;-)

Anonymous said...


This looks like my kinda movie, man!
As for Southerners--why do you think they call it the "dirty" south! White folks have Jeff Foxworthy and we got Tyler Perry. Need I say more about the South? LOL

Christopher Chambers said...


No need for regional meanness. Civil War (or was that our own "sectarian strife" ended in 1865, dude).

Tho, I agree with you re: redneck and bammas...

Dodd@40 said...

So, let's see. This is a play on the old faithful tale - kind-hearted spiritually devout (sage-like) good ol' negro saves a poor white soul. I guess it's as time honored and acceptable as the white person forsakes all to save the poor minorities. Oh well, we'll have to see how this dribble is received. As for Christina Ricci, talk about working hard to recast your career and get from under the shadow of Casper & Addams Family. Prozac Nation, Monster...she's doing her best.

Anonymous said...

If that chain were real, Christina Ricci wouldn't be able to stand up, never mind run out the door dragging the thing. Not enough meat on her bones to secure a chain anyway -- would have to use duct tape or rope.

In any case, it appears to be a fine family movie. At least I now know who "Blind" Lemon Jefferson was.

plez... said...

I'm afraid Sam Jackson is becoming a caricature of himself: Snakes on a Plane and now this?!? I think Christina Ricci will rebound just fine... I'd be more concerned with Sam's dwindling drawing power as he clamours to star in these obvious B movies - keep this up and he's going to have to find a real job!

Just wondering if he finally gets him some, a la Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry in Monsters Ball?!?

Mieke said...

Chtistina Ricci looks hot. I've always thought she looks odd, but here her body is amazing. I loved Hustle and Flow so I have to give this a chance? Right? It's hard to tell where this movie is going. I'll have to read the script.

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