Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Cheer from the Hitler Youth

Whilst the world spins its wheels on those loons in Iran hosting a "Holocaust denial" conference (hey, was Mel Gibson's dad there?) can't we focus on the snippy, snide little douchebags closer to home?

This carol was composed by just such folk, our future, our progeny and proteges, at Tufts University in Medford, MA:

O Come All Ye Black Folk
Boisterous yet desirable
O come ye, O come ye to our university
Come and we will admit you
Born into oppression
O come let us accept them
O come let us accept them
O come let us accept them
Fifty-two black freshmen
O sing gospel choirs
We will accept your children
No matter what your grades are F's, D's, or G's
Give them privileged status
We will welcome all
O come let us accept them

O come let us accept them
O come let us accept them
Fifty-two black freshmen
All come! Blacks we need you
Born into the ghetto
O Jesus we need you now to fill our racial quotas

Descendants of Africa with brown skin arriving
O come let us accept them

O come let us accept them
O come let us accept them
Fifty-two black freshmen

email the little clowns at The Primary Source, Let them know how you love their Christmas cheer.

I've already emailed some dudes up in Boston: "hard, pipe-hittin' niggas [for you Pulp Fiction fans] ta go ta work on the homes, here, with a blowtorch and pair of pliers." They're "Ques" who are friends of a current Harvard student. Maybe they'll all have a friendly chat? I'm certain the Kappas and Alphas and Sigmas could unite over this, too, right fellas?

Of course, while this mess continues and the attitudes that spawn them are swept under the rug, our leaders: freezer-stuffing politicians, professional go-to pundits, entertainers, athletes, hip hop moguls, crime-glorfying or soap opera novelists, self-aggrandizing professors, video vixens, bribe-taking preachers et al., are too busy in orbit around themselves, bamboozling us or shoveling more crap upon which we greedily feast, or whining when we don't, to fight the good fight, to speak with conviction, to explore creative ideas, to bow to better ways of doing things, to train successors. Hell, I think these fascist dweebs may have even consulted our "leaders" before doing the song for the best way to orchestrate the hype! You see it in some parasitical organisms like river flukes, which cause schistosomiasis. The flukes depend on equally disgusting snails for each other's relevance. Symbiosis, in the worst way, and I guess you could say that about us and Iran, too, or George Bush and Osama bin Laden, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Moriarty, Norman Bates and his mommie (where would one be without the other?).

Well, y'all can rail about the anti-Holocaust "symposia;" the North American and Mayan Indians can puzzle over Apocalypto, the Hispanics can curse Lou Dobbs of CNN. Me, I'll stick with our future RNC campaign coordinators at Tufts. Time to get medieval on their asses...


plez... said...

Sick! And sad...

These kids' parents are shelling out over $40K per year to have them sit around in a Mountain Dew & Twinkie buzz dreaming up this useless and unfunny drivel (I went to the site and all of their "carols" lack creativity and orginality)... and then "trying" to spin it as intellectual satire! These pimple-face snots have spent way too much time watching those tired ass SNL re-runs.

I'm embarrased for them, their families, and Tufts University which I'm sure will have more than enough trouble trying to drum up 5 Black freshman next year.

Oh yeah... let me know when your boys plan to fall through the campus, I may want to get a few blows in! *smile*

Snowman said...

First I must reveal that I am a middle aged white male and I follow Chris' work. Second, I'm hoping that Chris is using his usual tool of satire and hyperbole when he suggests violence. :)

I grew up with "piss and vinegar" and was never handed anything or felt I was entitled to anything. I have instilled that in my son who, like me, is a graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy. I understand the arguments against affirmative action, and I don't know if depriving white candidates of an opportunity for the sake of diversity is overriding enough. It may beOK to address past, sum-certain racism and discrimination.

All that said, I am apalled by this "carol." As my son and high school aged daughter have discussed, we have a generation without any historical anchor or reference and they rely on pop culture, "wkipedia" and no offense but blogs for their information, andit merely reinforces their ignorance. Furthermore, I have seen missions, commands, stations (in the USCG) projects, accounts, client relationships and whole businesses wrecked by the "white male" affirmative action which Chris had referenced in a previous post: cronyism and nepotism. When white people discuss affirmative action, we tend to forgot that most of us are mediocre. There is a reason that the bell curve is shaped like a bell. :) However, sots tend to get ahead by ass-kissing, cronyism, nepotism, some logrolling. Sadly, I do not think our President was a particularly good student but look at his ascendency (including but not limited to his stint running the Rangers baseball team).

I wonder what these immature kids would say about that? That is the one thing that undercuts everything, this concurrent sense of entitlement that some of we white people have. Indeed, I went to the website and there is an article bemoaning Asian American students' solidarity with Latino and African American students. What would these kids say if Asian American students displaced all of them based on "merit?" Would they bow out gracefully? I think not. I supposed these Asian American students have something the editors of this publication do not: the character to find common ground and build bridges.

Anonymous said...

snowman, I am sure Chris was being satirical in his call to violence....I think :)

Naaaw, Chirs would only resort to violence if it involved the folks over at Booker Rising.

But snowman,I will say this; we need more people in the majority population like you, who are willing to engage in some constructive dialogue, and learn from others who might not look like them.

This would be so unlike our friends at Tufts, who really dont't seem to get it.

Snowman said...


I am not special. There are more of us with basic common sense than you think, and we are all not racists. I was taught as a boy to think critically and walk a mile in someone's shoes. There are aspects of affirmative action I do not accept, but this foolishness at what is supposedly an elite college is unacceptable. Would it put it better perspective if I told you that these young people embarass and offend "us" the same way certain rap performers and criminals embarass "you?"

--Old Salt

Anonymous said...

Bruh, lay off Lou Dobbs. The man's got the best show on CNN when it comes to finance, politics and immigration, plus his sidekick is FINE.

Seriously, the most provocative thing you said in the post was about complicity between "them" and "us." I have often wondered if the NYPD calls up Al Sharpton and says "Hey, we're going to gun down some helpless brother--you want to get in on this in return for some snitching?" And you have this whole conspiracy theory regarding 9-11 and Bush letting it happen to look like a hero. Hey man, FDR needed a way into WWII because no one seemed pressed to stop the Germans or the Japanese, so he let the Japanese wipe out our ships. If there wasn't a Bill and Hillary Clinton, I don't believe half of these right wing talk show fools would be on the air.

P.S. I red "The Aesop of the Bronx" on Thug Lit volume 10. Great story, bruh, but I think the parable is based on an African fairy tale, not a Puerto Rican one!

Anonymous said...

Not quite the epic battle between black and white Santa, but this is definitely a battle worth picking. I'll be sending these guys a Christmas F-You. I'm getting quite tired of white people thinking that old racial wounds have healed to the point where they can try to pass off this kind of crap as satire. I wonder if I can pass off my size eleven foot as satire. I guess it would depend on where it lands.