Wednesday, June 20, 2007

American kids are so spoiled!

Thoughts? Be honest--yeah, like female circumcision, there're some quaint local customs about which we CAN be ugly Americans.


Anonymous said...

C'mon bruh. We do some crazy, self-indulgent, silly, embarassing shizz with babies too. They just don't involve live cobras. Did they defang that thing? It didn't seem to open it's mouth to strike. I know you--you were laughing your patooty off when the snake and the baby started wrestling at the end, you sick man! LOL

Snowman said...

I'm sure this is a "time honored tradition or rite of passage" yet it's funny how they happen to be there with a digital video camera as if they're at a ballgame?

Tafari said...

That was hard to watch! It is hard for me to judge culture norms but lets just say, I am happy that my kids are safe from this type of thing.


Anonymous said...

Don't post this shite. From time to time I read your blog but posting this shite in order to get a rise out of people really makes me wonder where your head is at. I don't care if this is a fake or slick looking robot or defanged cobra, it just makes me wonder what an educated author, such as yourself, would want to post this in his personal blog. Disappointing sir. What's next? Are you going to post b-horror snuff films to make some sort of silent, spurious point?

You worry about being "soft" in your bio, with stupidity like this on your blog, you should worry about being ignorant.

Really disappointing.