Monday, June 25, 2007

Two things we need now like holes in the head...

...are (1) the coverage of the murder of pregnant victim Jesse Davis (a white woman) and the arrest of Bobby Cutts (left) and his alleged accessory/accomplice "Myiesha," ... and (2) the iPhone. Just a note: regarding Cutts, I mean as African Americans, this is the last thing we need, after an early summer of Juneteenth riots, defense of nihilistic hip hop, Bill Jefferson and a self-aggrandizing Congressional Black Caucus, Mike Nifong, Glenarlow Wilson still rotting in prison while black Attorney General coons, and the murder/crime uptick in 5 cities yet not a single black leader has the moral balls to confront it.
As for the iPhone, I mean for American society/quality of life in general. FYI, a recent survey on G4--the mecca for young gamers and comics fans--found that 70% of respondents aged 16-21 said they'd rather go without sex for a month than their phones/PDAs. Given that sex is the ultimate expression of human contact and inter-personal affinity, that doesn't bode well...even assuming some answered the survey as a joke.
So...don't you love the cop-outs of the Bill Gates' and Steve Jobs' and all the millionnaire gamer geeks in their hottubs when they say "don't worry, be happy?" They sound like Russell Simmons defending the indefensible aspects of hip hop!!! This isn't the classic situation of me or grandma not wanting to give up the horse, or the typewriter. I think we are reaching the mindless saturation point now, the pinnacle of personal technology...and these things become toys rather than things that truly benefit society--other than employing folks making more toys. Investors go where the fads and cash are, not where they're needed, and needed desperately. And when we have enormous resources committed to this stuff, and not enough going to stuff like non gasoline cars that run on mag-levs, or boundless fusion energy, then we have a problem. This technology is making people (starting with little kids and teens) dumber, less creative (ironically), lacking in social-personal skills and FATTER! Unable to write, or read a book. More isolated, living without any social bounds and meaningful interaction. Even grandma saw how technology once made folks smarter and more able to communicate and express things. Nope, we can't trust parents, teachers, or CEOs or even politicians to keep this balance. This technology is nothing but self-indulgent masturbation, and we are susceptible to it because we are disconnected.
Like Bobby Cutts. Three kids by three women...married (in name only) to one. And look at them. Hoes? "White hoes?" One of them, yes, sleeping with Shawn Kemp while Cutts is kicking down the door? Jesse Davis knew what she was doing and gladly got knocked up. Cutts gladly inseminated all of them. Why--isn't this the Midwest's version of the Bible-Belt, decency, values? NO. Disconnected, all of them. Disconnected suburban, track housing, strip mall existence, with this patina of "decency" and "religion." Morality isnot about Jesus, etc. It's about connections, mutual suport, selflessness. We don't have that. Cutts didn't. Jesse didn't. Now Jesse's dead, and the baby. So will Blake grow up like that--lots of women, white or black? Will Cutts' daughters be selfish tramps like their moms? Well that's not important, is it? They'll live in a dangerous, polluted world. But at least they can send photos, page each other, watch stories about each other, over their cool iPhones, and what comes next...


Anonymous said...

Bruh, I'm waiting. You are a trip. However, I think I know from the teaser where you are going on both points, and where you connect them. You don't seem as as complicated as your novels and stories. LOL.

P.S. Thank you for not using the mugshot of that ugly so and so Cutts.

Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog. Good stuff. What a year black folks are having - we're only 6 months in and the racists, Stormfront, KKK, Right Wing folks have enough material for the next 6 months.

I've checked out the blogosphere and now white folks are so bold as to basically say they are sick and tired of "dangerous Negros" (black men) and "ghetto rats" (black women) - not my words, quotes I've read on the net.

There was a white guy from Illinois who killed his whole family (4 folks) around the same time this Cutts thing went down and his story is buried b/c of the OJ factor with Cutts.

I'm torn in so many ways; I despise men (black, white, purple) who beat and assault women and yet I cringed seeing Cutts mug ALL OVER network and cable television.

I have to listen to yuppies at work warning white women not to get involved with Black guys, cause you know, they're ALL the same.

I'm just worn out going through my day to day defending my folk and trying to understand this madness.

Lisa said...

Plack is right and the media should take note. The man caught in Missouri wiped out his whole family.

I think we can draw lines of criticism that we can all live with, without doing the bidding of the racists in blogs & such or being called "self-hating."

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on your elaborations--it's only 5pm here on the Left Coast.

Let's not forgot the mess in sports--the NBA All Star game madness in Vegas, Pacman, Tank (now cut by the Bears, thank the Lord) and Vick.

iPhone: are you going to allude to the fools who are going to surf the net while navigating freeway traffic and ten kids in the car?

Anonymous said...

The lame stream media will be all over this, and the white women down network uhh I mean Fox news is going to have a field day. The Davis family is turning out in my opinion to be just like the Browns, some more white trash. Davis's father said he had not spoken to his daughter in a year and he also lives in Ohio! She was about to get evicted from her home also, so where was the family at then? And why was she sleeping with a married man? Nice GIRL!And that chick in socal was sleeping with Cutts and also Shawn Kemp, yes that Shawn Kemp.

Tafari said...

feenin' for the connected dots!!!


Unknown said...

This is why I read Jet and Ebony magazine, The Afro and Washington Informer newspaper, etc.

They report on the GOOD NEWS in our community. Believe me, there is plenty good news to report.

The Juneteeth mob violence in WI, while unfortunate, is nothing compared to the daily death and destruction our mob provoked in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

But Denise, perhaps we need to shout and change and hold fols accountable--publicly and without regard to "dirty laundry"--in our own community as much, if not more, than the protests over the war and Bushism? I think there's a "rising tide" of people of color who are getting sicker and sicker of the misadventures of too many of our people. The juneteeth events we'ren't "unfortunate" They were a g'damned embarrassment.Do white people do this, too? Of course. But in proportion, we can't handle this, and it's crippling us and the vicious cycle starts where it relfecs on all of us in the media. I think you can put your foot down and still not be captive to a right wing agenda, ne c'est pas?

Anonymous said...

But...Chris, I feeling you on some of technology rant's points, but you still sound like a Luddite. This stuff can transform society, business, even politics. So you're saying because human beings/Americans are fucked/greedy/short sighted/immature, we should NOT have the technology because we can't be trusted to use it properly, or use it to leap frog into more "useful" things (like fusion, mag-lev "Minority report" and "I, Robot" stuff?)

I disagree. the technology's coming regardless. We have to catch up to it--yes, morally.

Unknown said...

" I think you can put your foot down and still not be captive to a right wing agenda, ne c'est pas? "

I absolutely agree with you. We have plenty work to do, but we're also doing lots of GREAT things that don't get acknowledged.

It just pisses me off the way racist mainstream GANGS point fingers and sling sh@t on everybody but themselves.

Thank you for redirecting my focus :)

Anonymous said...

"I think you can put your foot down and still not be captive to a right wing agenda, ne c'est pas?"

Yeah, I know. But it deserves to be said over and over. I thought most of us knew that being a responsible person, and holding other people accountable does not...I repeat not, makes us "black conservatives". I thought the huge majority of us didn't buy into that right-wing framing. Maybe I was wrong. I hope not. I like to think the ballot box tells me I'm right, but I admit to not knowing for sure,

Anonymous said...

Could someone please check and confirm/deny if the reason that child is in prison for getting a blow job, is because of the race of the other child?

Also, if you silence your women/children for the "cause", are you not giving up some of your own power to boot? If some "bold..white person" can be afraid of "dangerous Negroes" then with my "double handicap" (black and female), I should be really afraid. No one protects us, and no one cares. Cutts was a "cop" for crying out loud.


Lola Gets said...

Hey, going sexless for 30 days isnt that bad - hell I do it all the time with no incentive at all!
Loving your blog (again). I have two posts on my blog (Man-Isms) that I think you might appreciate, so check them out!