Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Coming soon, fanboys & girls. Interviews with Tananarive Due, Steven Barnes on their collaboration with Blair Underwood: Casanegra. Cora Daniels, author of the controversial study on the negative influences of our culture Ghetto Nation. Lisa Jones Johnson, author of the thriller A Dead Man Speaks.

That's Lisa above, dolled up for the NAACP Image Awards--Lisa's was a finalist in the literature categories.

You demand better. I give it to you.
But next, we'll do some damage to clueless scumbag Sen. Joe Lieberman (the "Loserman" in the "Sore-Loserman" epithet coined in 2000 by the very same scum feeding him idiotic talking points today) and my favs, the prosecutor in the Glenarlow Wilson case in Georgia, and the Attorney General of the State (who's a brother, by the way). Atlanta as black mecca. Negroes, please...


Pebbles Flintstone said...

Chambers -- you are becoming quite the James Lipton of the literary world!

I love that you are promoting these wonderful authors and their craft. The project with B. Underwood sounds interesting. I look forward these reviews and interviews.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Jones Johnson--implying she's married? Too bad bruh... LOL

I've read Ghetto Nation and hope there wil be online Q & A.

Unknown said...

That's right Chris, show-em what you got! Keep up the good work and keep letting these people know the works of "real" authors.
Keep the heat on Lieberman too. His comments last week show how much he really knows.