Monday, November 10, 2008

Miriam Makeba RIP

Another loss. Mama Afrika. You saw a dream realized in South Africa (with notable deficiencies and inequalities still). You saw the U.S. elect Barack. I'm sure you're singing. But why're we loosing so many like you? Can't just be age, as there are plenty of old, souless, stupid people running around.


Anonymous said...

What a loss. You're right... she wasn't all that old. I'll miss her.

Anonymous said...

Times like this in life are so bittersweet. The great Mariam Makeba was an infectiously beautiful and joyous spirit. So loving and so powerful. It seems tragic yet somehow fitting that she would pass on after a performance.

I'm sad to know she is among so many others that will not be on earth to see the great things we will accomplish in the coming years.

Now I'm hearing the Rev. Abraham Woods Jr. from Birmingham is gone too.

It just seems like so many of those torchbearers who worked for so long to promote justice, equality, and liberty for humanity are letting go of life with a sigh of relief.

Well done thy good and faithful servants.

Anonymous said...

...she will be missed.

Ms Camy said...

The good die young....thats why she was gone so early!