Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Black History Month Kaput?/Tour of Echoes Encore

Check out Michael Ross's piece in The End of Black History Month. Is BHM now obviated? An unnecessary abstraction? An ad gimmick? (you know my opinion of Kwanzaa on that count).

And speaking of, certain influential fanboys and girls have asked me to repost my Inauguration piece Tour of Echoes, narrated by Henry Louis Gates. It got a million hits when put on; it's on here. (Can't embed it yet folks). Remember, the "transcript" is the actual article, with reference hyperlinks. Be nice if some of these bitter wingnuts would take a look, get some education.

So...Black History kaput? Nah. 'Cause black history is American History. No us, no America (on so many levels). Ironic, eh?


Anonymous said...

If I didn't already say it--nice work, Nat. Did Oprah get a look at The Root Inaugural Ball?

Pebbles Flintstone said...

I looked at Michael Ross' article and it was very good. Thank you for putting the Tour of Echoes on the blog because I couldn't open it during the Inauguration weekend. A million hits?!

Anonymous said...

I wish the Bonus Army would march again. This time for health care, jobs, the stimulus bill. Then I wish they'd march on Dick Cheney's ass. Have you heard the demented shizz this a-hole's been spouting since he was shown the door?

Snowman said...

Your inclusion of obscure yet critical events like Prigg v. Pennsylvania, Healy at Georgetown, and the Bonus Army (including references to MacArthur and Patton, "ancient cavalry sabres and new-fangled tanks" is masterful and I salute you for your knowledge and acumen.
Indeed, many people do not understand that the KKK had millions of members in the 1920s and they marched down the very Inaugural route taken by Barack Obama. That is irony exponentially.

Anonymous said...

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